Liv Tyler Can’t Ease the Pain of Divorce

Liv TylerHollywood actress Liv Tyler walked into a leggy photoshoot for Wonderland Magazine. Apart from sexy shots, the magazine featured an interview with the 31-year-old celebrity in which she told about her heart-breaking split with former husband. Liv says she still feels distressed after the divorce.

“There is nothing worse than heartache, being lovesick. It’s worse than physical pain. You go through a couple of weeks where you think “Oh, I’m okay, I feel better”, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, it hits you again”, – Liv opened up.

The actress admitted she was almost entirely swept by despair when her husband Royston Langdon dumped her and their son Milo, moving out their house last year.

“The hardest part is when they leave, – says Liv, – It also brings up a lot of issues: you might feel like a failure, or like there is something wrong with you”. She says that it’s impossible to run away from the pain and you kind of have to put up with it.

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