How to Wake Up Without Stress

Sleeping WomanAlarm clock is buzzing. You are trying to open your eyes but your body is crying out for another 5 minutes of sleep. Is that how your morning begins? Feel wake-up throes through the working week? Well, imagine you were a Tibetan monk and try to wake up the way wise hermits do it. Tibetan in-bed exercises energize the whole body, provide a proper energy circulation and get you ready for new achievements at your job. The most exiting thing about this kind of waking up is that it’s simple, healthy and you don’t even have to open your eyes.

Rub the Ears

You woke up already but still half-asleep? With your eyes closed, rub your ears: press them against your head and move your palms up and down like 20 times.

Health benefits:

  • It’s healthy for your face.
  • This massage strengthens gums and improves blood circulation in temples.

Hands on the Forehead

Place your right hand on your forehead and put your left hand over. Move your hands back and forth like 20 times.

Health benefits:

  • It prevents headaches.
  • It treats dizziness.

Eye Massage

Slightly massage your eyes with thumb knuckles – 15-20 moves.

Health benefits:

  • The massage puts your nervous system in order.
  • It also improves eye sight.

Belly Massage

Put your palms on the belly and bend your knees. Slightly massage your belly moving palms clockwise making 30-50 moves.

Health benefits:

  • It strengthens belly muscles and gets the pancreatic gland ready for breakfast.
  • The massage also relieves unpleasant sensations in the liver area, “wakes” the gall bladder up.
  • It improves the vermicular motion of large bowel.

Stomach Game

Remove your hands and “play the game” of protruding and drawing your stomach in, making 20 moves in total.

Health benefits:

  • “Stomach game” is very healthy for your liver, kidneys and digestive system.
  • It also burns excess fat off and helps against cholestasis and blood engorgement.

Knees and Chest

Bend your knees. Put your arms around knees and draw them to your chest.

Health benefits:

  • It is an internal massage for stomach and chest muscles.

Time to Stand up

Now you can open your eyes! Get out of bed.
Finally, slightly massage the bottoms of your feet.

Health benefits:

  • It’s healthy for your spinal column.

Why It’s Healthy to Wake up The Tibetan Way

This is a really healthy way of waking up. It involves all organs harmoniously creating a flow of pure energy. Never spring out of bed and rush in the shower when you are still sleepy. That hits your heart, digestive and urogenital systems in the first place. Your body needs some time to wake up. Tibetan monks also wake up performing breathing exercises.

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