How Can Marketing Tricks Help Your Relationship?

What marketing techniques to use to negotiate with your husband? Many people have a negative attitude towards sales and call it “bargaining.” Surprise: we all need this skill. Today’s article will tell you how to use sales techniques. In fact, we are doing “marketing” on a daily basis, just without noticing it.

For example, at breakfast, you convince the child to eat cereal that he does not like, and you motivate colleagues to complete a project that they were initially skeptical about. Unconsciously, every time we prove the necessity of certain things, we start bargaining and persuading.

Reveal your true needs

When selling a laptop, a consultant may approach the buyer with different offers. “This is the best price for such characteristics,” if the client wants a cheaper model. “This laptop is the lightest” if the customer wants to carry it to work. Everyone will choose something that meets their needs. The seller’s task is to understand what needs the person standing in front of him has.

For instance, you want to spend a weekend in another city with your husband, but he is not very keen. Pressure is not welcome. You can think and suggest what interesting things he can do there: for example, during a break between walks, watch an online boxing tournament if he cannot live a day without sports, or go to a local museum if he is a history buff.

Offer a Hobson’s choice

When you come to the salon for a haircut, you are offered to sign up for a manicure as well. A good administrator will always ask this question as though you have actually agreed to the procedure: “Is it convenient for you to come in the morning or in the evening?” Hearing these words, you seem to be looking for the free time in your schedule. You don’t think about whether to come or not.

Ask affirmative questions so that your husband agrees with what you say. It is worth using this technique carefully so that the answers are still conscious. When you invite him to spend time together, you can ask him if he would rather go to the movies for a romantic comedy or to a restaurant.

Create a deficit

A good example can be seen in bloggers who organize the so-called “warm-up” before the marathon. They begin to advertise the upcoming event on social networks and especially emphasize that the number of places is limited, which means that it is desirable to sign up as soon as possible.

“I found a restaurant where they cook delicious meals, but they book tables a month in advance. There is a free table at 7 pm, shall we go?” It is important to show the value of the offer, why it is limited and how to get it. FOMO will work here.

Learn to react to objections

Think in advance about why the person might refuse your request. Gently, relying on his feelings, show that you understand your interlocutor and that your request is beneficial for him. At the same time, you shouldn’t lie. “Are you tired after work? You will have a rest with the child”- no way. “I fed and bathed the child. He will definitely sleep for the next two hours” – yes.

Don’t focus on the negative things

The client immediately focuses his attention on the negative aspects when he hears the seller’s admission of a high price or low quality. Especially if the seller then attempts to find advantages in this: “Yes, the skirt is expensive, but it suits you very well.”

Don’t focus on the “problem.” It is better to shift the focus to the solution. Here is a sample dialogue:

– I’ve got a headache.

– We’ll take a walk, get some fresh air, and it will pass.

Offer a trial version

Fitness clubs almost always offer a free first workout, perfume shops offer makeup testers, and a sausage maker offers a slice.

This is necessary for the buyer to be convinced of the quality and usefulness of the product they are about to buy. If you dream of a big hike in the mountains with tents, then start with a smaller one – a day trip to the nearest forest for a picnic will do.

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