How to Be Single and Happy?

For quite a long time, there was no other way for a woman to become happy, but to get married and have children. Luckily, a lot has changed now. However, even today, it is customary to look askance at single girls. Why is this happening?

For a couple of decades, the number of people who consciously (this is the keyword) chose loneliness has increased very seriously. There are millions of men and women of all ages worldwide now who are happy to live alone. However, for everyone else – whether in a couple or already married – this state of affairs is often not to their liking.

Why are loners annoying? Because they are simply envious. Don’t you believe it? We can present some evidence.

1. They can dedicate as much time to their careers as they want.

If a person does not have to stick to the family’s requirements, they can do science, art, office work – whatever they like. This gives broader horizons in terms of professional implementation, so it’s hard to argue. Is the project not running? Do you need to work overtime or at weekends?

A loner does not need to coordinate their actions with anyone. If you want to work, you just go and do it.

2. They have more financial freedom

If a person works hard and efficiently, they earn enough for himself. This means they can spend money as they please because they have no family. There is no need to think hard about what to choose for a specific amount of money: a new school kit for the child or a ring with a beautiful gem for yourself, for example.

The situation is the same when it comes to travelling, grocery baskets, training, clothes and shoes. In this sense, it is really easier. Besides, you don’t have to report to anyone either.

3. Loners are more mobile

Going to the gym, you can hardly find yourself on a plane to Bali. A family woman is unlikely to have a situation like this. Nevertheless, motherhood implies some degree of responsibility before children at the very least.

At best, a mother can quickly find a nanny for her offspring, leave them at home and fly away to some distant place unexpectedly for everyone. A single woman can quite calmly perform such tricks as often as possible.

4. Single people can change their life the way they want.

You used to work in the office, but then you decided to rescue penguins on the ice. Or follow in the footsteps of the heroine of “Eat. Pray. Love” and change the vector of your life in any way. Mothers with children and a husband also decide on changes (sometimes it is an eye-opening experience for the surrounding people), but they require much more effort, and preparation and often meet resistance.

Some things are impossible by default – for example, while children are still small. There’s nothing to be done about it.

5. Loners can practice any kind of sex.

That means any kind in general. With devices or with living people of both sexes and in any quantity.

They can safely bring lovers or mistresses in any combination to their home, and they do not need to think about anything. Instead of their home, they can invite them anywhere else – a free person can do everything that is not prohibited by law.

A person with a partner will have to at least coordinate their actions with the other half. This is where disagreements can arise.

6. Single people can always have a couple and children.

If a free woman suddenly gets tired of her lonely status (and the talk of others about the fact that she is getting older), she can change it to being in a relationship.

In any case, presenting a boyfriend or girlfriend to the public is not a problem. Giving birth to a child (in most cases) is realistic at the age of 30, and even at 45, with any orientation and under any circumstances.

7. Single people are often more groomed.

If a woman chooses how much and when to sleep, what to eat, how to relax, and how much time and money to spend on cosmetics and a beautician, she has every chance to look better. She is fresher and more well-groomed than her married friends with children. That’s what sometimes happens.

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