7 Secrets of a Happy Marriage

Time flows imperceptibly for some couples – they still prefer each other’s company, like to smile and touch one another, and sometimes seem to speak a private language which only the two of them can understand! Is it one of life’s miracles or are there any roads that lead to the wonderful land of happy couples? Well, you are supposed to find roads of your own, but at least there are some pointers!


1. Be together as long as you can

Quality time spent together is a powerful adhesive that keeps people glued for years. Mind you should stay away from any distractions, including pets and kids, and engage into activities together. This way you act on your mutual commitment and collect mutual memories that will be nice to recollect some day!

2. Routine trifles go a long way

Everyday relationship depends heavily on small things that partners do for each other or the way they treat each other. Complimenting the way people look, opening doors for them, handing over things are trifling gestures whose importance is easy to underestimate.

Furthermore, psychologists say that we need as many as 5 positive interactions to obliterate only 1 negative interaction, so the more pleasant things you do for your partner, the better. Such small gestures can practically guarantee good attitude towards you.

3. Maintain open communication

No relationship can survive without sharing feelings and taking in one another’s opinions, you begin to know what’s going on in your beloved’s heart and mind, and predict attitudes and reactions. Intersperse communication with hugs and smooches, and things will go fine!

4. Be honest

Losing trust results in the relationship’s disintegration very quickly and irreparably.

There are things that are very difficult to speak out, especially if they are critical and can be taken as cruel biting. Therefore, if you are discontent with trifling things, wouldn’t it be better to write them off as personal quirks that make no difference and put them out of mind?

And if you do have to take issue, think about the way to express it, so it will be conducive to a solution rather than involving you into a continuation of endless arguments.

5. Love according to a schedule

Does it sound queer? Actually, it may be the answer. Why wait until you get around to feeling like sex? It may get delayed and delayed again, while if you keep to a schedule you have expectations and get psychologically ready for a passionate night way ahead.

Besides, your testosterone level also needs keeping up, if you let it flag, you will be losing touch with your sexuality.

If children present a problem, think how to get them out of the way for a pre-scheduled love-making.

6. Leave problems that have no solution alone

There will be points over which you will never be able to reach an agreement. Basic feelings just can’t be turned round. Do you want to sustain an endless argument or save energy for pleasanter moments and just remember that this is the opportunity for reaching a compromise?

There are perfectly reasonable grounds for disagreement. You can leave it at that – you disagree, get around the chafing issue or think of approaching it from a different angle. Why break moods and rack brains hitting the same point over and over without getting anywhere?

7. Add humor to relationship

Joking and laughter are reactions that bond people, they should be lavishly employed to share exhilarating moments that make up an important part of a happy matrimony. Laughing helps smooth over difficult spots, keep up high spirits and is universally regarded as a “glue that helps stay together.” If you can no longer laugh together over something amusing, it’s a very bad sign…

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