9 Worst Beauty Habits

Of course we aren’t going anywhere without beautifying ourselves first, but the big question is: haven’t we gotten slapdash with years? Many of us managed to pick up bad habits along the way without stopping to think that dirty brushes and outdated beauty products can significantly diminish the desired effect.


It isn’t a bad idea to look through other women’s mistakes to see if we are really getting where we want to – so here’s the summing up of a survey in this important aspect of our lives.

1. Only hygienic makeup brushes

It’s always worth your while to use only clean stuff – make sure that this rule extends to your bushes and sponges. Take a closer look at your brushes – are they clammy, caked, carrying the remains of old powder? Are you sure they are not replete with bacteria? When did you care for them last?

If they need washing, prepare a solution with a few drops of shampoo, give them a good wash and place them to dry in a well-ventilated place where the opportunities to collect bacteria will be worse.

Or maybe it’s time to buy new ones?

2. What face do you go to sleep with?

Take care you don’t fall asleep right after having an argument or omitting to clean off makeup these factors will be producing a devastating effect through the night. Your face is supposed to rest, restore and breathe during the night, which will not happen if it is distorted or caked with old makeup.

When you have woken up give your face a wipe for a clean and fresh sensation.

3. Get your eyebrows into shape

If your brows are shaped, it will give your face a cared-for look. Those who have a mono-brow, get to work on it with your tweezers or take it to a salon to have it shaped. Avid plucking too thin – it will give you a surprised look.

4. Don’t forget about sunblock

Sunblock is a mighty useful thing which shouldn’t be stocked away between vacations on the beach. Why not make it your regular companion? It will prevent you from deepening your wrinkles. If you have dark spots, they won’t get darker when protected by sunblock. It makes a good general protection for your skin so it will age slower.

Also, consider using a foundation or BB cream strengthened with SPF for the same purpose.

5. Don’t go trying unapproved stuff

If you are reading this you are likely to read other tip articles on other sites looking for good advice. You are sure to hit upon loads of homemade face mask recipes and self-made beauty creams. Many of these are probably all right, but don’t hurry to make use of all of them without checking the ingredients with an expert – some of them may prove to be too acidic or in another way insidious for your skin.

6. Bring in beauty experts

Once you develop skin problems like psoriasis or acne, get advice from a qualified dermatologist, find a treatment that helps and stick to it. Should you wish to alter it, consult your expert again.

7. Don’t pop pimples

Any kind of pimples, be they black- or whiteheaded, do unnerve and spoil your looks – yet, if you come down on them to exterminate the brutes, you run a risk of replacing them with tiny scars and marks. Broken skin doesn’t look too good, either!

8. Get your foundation right

Take time over your foundation so it won’t cake. First, before you set about applying it, mind you exfoliate to remove dead particles of skin.

Don’t apply a lot of it – foundation is supposed to be a thin layer intended to make your skin look smoother, but if you go overboard with it, it will go caking on you. See that it doesn’t just fill up your wrinkles and face lines – this way they will get more pronounced by the end of the day.

Blend it properly, which many women unfortunately fail to do.

Having finished, take a clean powder brush and, working it in circles, blend in the borderlines and remove the excesses.

9. Wield your eyelash curler wisely

Women who believe in applying layer upon layer of mascara on their lashes so as to make them look fuller and eyes larger can easily overdo it and get a weird effect.

Using eyelash curlers takes some learning, and if you’re an expert in that, you can achieve more with just a little mascara on the points of your lashes.

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