Why the SAT is the Most Important Test You'll Ever Take

To some test-takers, the SAT seems useless. But many people don’t completely understand the SAT’s importance, how it works, and what it’s used for. Consider these four reasons about why the SAT is so important.

SAT Helps You Determine Your Education Path


Since many colleges use SAT scores on their admissions application, your score could decide whether you get into the school of your choosing, ultimately affecting your entire future education and career path.

But colleges don’t just look at SAT scores for fun. Let’s look at a few reasons why the score is so important for college applications. First, the SAT is specially designed to offer all students from different schools and backgrounds an equal chance of performing well on the test. It’s a fair indicator of who will succeed in college.

For example, when looking at other factors on the application, student A might display a higher high school GPA than student B, when student B actually took harder, more rigorous classes than student A. The SAT helps eliminate these factors by testing everyone fairly and helping better compare people from different backgrounds.

Another reason that colleges look at SAT scores is because higher scores are linked with a higher likelihood of graduation. It’s beneficial for colleges to have students work through their program and graduate and not drop out, and an SAT score can help colleges decide who will stick with their programs.

When you look at these reasons why colleges use SAT scores, it makes sense that doing well on the test is important to your future college career. But don’t believe that your SAT score is all that matters. It makes an impact on the decision, but colleges will also look at high school GPA, extracurriculars, volunteer experience, personal character, and other factors.

SAT Helps You Decide on Your Classes

Along with helping you on your admissions application, the SAT also helps determine what classes you should take. Many colleges allow you to test out of various classes, meaning if you receive a high score on your SAT you can skip the basic classes that teach information you already know about. For example, if you test high on the math portion, you won’t have to work your way up toward the upper-level classes, but you can skip basic algebra and take an advanced calculus class right away.

Not only does this save you time, since you don’t have to listen to information you’ve already learned, but it can save you thousands of dollars in tuition since you won’t have to pay for unneeded classes. To prepare for the SAT and to work toward testing out of classes, consider enrolling in an SAT prep course.

SAT Helps You Save Money


You already know that the test can help save you money on tuition bills if you test out of certain classes, but did you know that it can also help you qualify for scholarships that will pay for some of your tuition? Since a high score indicates a good student, colleges want to invest in the students who will do well in the future. With high scores, you’re more likely to receive financial aid from your college or other sources, even if your school doesn’t use the scores for admission purposes.

When you consider the money you could save by testing out of classes and by receiving financial aid, the SAT registration fee is well worth it and can help you get through college if you’re struggling financially.

SAT Helps You Identify Your Strengths

The SAT isn’t only for college purposes. It’s also a great tool for determining your intellectual strengths and weaknesses. The test looks at your knowledge and critical thinking in the subjects of reading, writing, and math. When you look at your different scores in these areas, it gives you a better idea of what areas to work on throughout your schooling to do better in your career.

For example, if you score the lowest in the writing section, you may want to take elective writing courses to help polish your skills. Ultimately, having knowledge about your strengths and weaknesses can help you become a more well-rounded person in the future.

When you consider how the SAT can affect your entire future and why people use it, it makes sense how important the test is and why it’s crucial you do well on it. With that said, study hard and good luck!

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