5 Ways to Make Your Private Life Happier

To be happy because you love, or to love because you are happy? Ironically, the second option can play a crucial role in your life.


Learn to appreciate, respect and understand yourself, and then you’ll be able to find love or to strengthen the relationship with your boyfriend.

1. Decide What You Want

Decide what you really want from a relationship. Casual Sex? A wedding and three children? Just frankly say what you (not your partner) want from the relationship.

2. Love Yourself

Stop being humiliated, do not belittle your merits and do not ridicule yourself. No one will love you if you do not love yourself.

3. There Are Other Things Besides Love

Pay attention to all aspects of life. We often tend to think that love brings harmony to our life and settles all its spheres. In fact, it is not so. Do not get fixed on finding the perfect guy or the “bringing up” the existing one. Find time for career, friends, family and hobbies, take care of your health. A happy and healthy person has a better personal life.

4. Learn to Communicate

Any relationship is doomed to failure without communication and understanding. Learn to listen, to argue properly, and express your feelings in communicating with the loved ones without offending them.

5. Focus on Possible Things Only

Do not try to achieve the impossible. If the relationship does not succeed, face the truth and admit that it’s time to move on. Do not build illusions and do not try to “fix” the wrong person. Do not forgive those who have repeatedly betrayed your trust or bring back those who do not want to come back.

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