12 New Weight Loss Tricks

These tricks are for those who do not want to reduce portion sizes and to count the calories. Try and follow the new tips that will help you not to gain weight. Perhaps, you will even manage to lose it.

Woman to lose weight

1. Lemon Juice

Do not underestimate the power of natural lemon juice for weight loss. It is a natural fat burner. Add fresh lemon juice to vegetable or fruit salads, as well as desserts. Lemon juice helps to feel a sense of satiety for a long time and use less salt.

2. Goat Milk Cheese

Replace the usual cheese with goat milk cheese. This product contains fewer calories. In addition, goat milk cheese contains the required amount of proteins for the body. In addition, goat milk cheese should be added to breakfast, you can use it to make sandwiches and salads.

3. Milk

Would you like your metabolism to be always running at its top speed? Drink skim milk in the afternoon. Milk provides the right amount of protein without any extra calories. Fat-free milk should become the drink of the day. You will not feel hungry, if you drink it, and body fat will disappear.

4. Exotic Fragrances

The doctors from Chicago Research Foundation argue that exotic fragrances give our brain a signal of satiety. Add a variety of spices to your daily meals to become slimmer. Refreshments and dishes will taste better and more saturated, you will not automatically increase the amount of food, which happens very often when you get used to any particular product.

5. Banana

It would be incorrect to assume that bananas make you gain weight. Of course, they contain a lot of calories and sugar, but scientists say that bananas, especially green ones, allow you to quickly lose weight. One of the studies, conducted by Chicago Research Foundation, confirms that bananas can control your appetite, sending a signal of satiety to the brain very quickly. It is better to eat a banana than a sandwich because one banana is usually enough to have a bite. A banana brings satiety, whereas the feeling of hunger often remains after you eat a sandwich, so in this case you will not have to eat something else.

6. Cauliflower & Green Kidney Beans

Try to cook meals, combining these uncomplicated ingredients. Dishes with cauliflower and green beans stimulate metabolism and burn fat. You can spend a day eating these two products, but first, you should find 3-4 recipes in the Internet for your nutrition to seem more varied and for you not to have any snacks.

7. Persimmon

Incredibly delicious fruit! It contains only 70 calories. Persimmons can be a great dessert that is not dangerous for the figure even if you eat kilograms of them. Persimmons can also be added to salads.

8. Yellow Veggies

Everybody has heard that green vegetables are the most useful ones. Apart from this, it turns out that there are at least two yellow products, which you should pay attention to. The first one is a yellow tomato. Yellow tomatoes contain only 15 calories. The other one is yellow beans. It helps to burn fat, provides the necessary fiber, and does not contain so many calories as white beans.

9. Champignons

Mushrooms can make a low-calorie dish out of an ordinary one. Add them to salads and side dishes. Mushrooms contain only 26 calories (per serving), they are rich in healthy minerals and carbohydrates. But most importantly, they can help you lose weight.

10. Give Yourself 2 Weeks

Our kidneys need time to adapt to any change in eating behavior. Therefore, eating vegetable dishes will not become comfortable immediately – especially if you are used to eating pasta and meatballs. As soon as your kidneys get used to the vitamin-rich food, you will immediately notice that you can eat more healthy food every day. Kidneys need a minimum of 2 weeks for adaptation.

11. Healthy Sauces

If you use healthy sauces, you can really feel comfortable about the large amount of fat eaten. Read the first trick about lemon juice again. Combine herbs with lemon juice and add a low-fat yogurt to get a good sauce for fatty meat. Instead of mayonnaise, use olive oil with mustard.

12. Rinse Canned Veggies

Canned beans, corn, and green peas are delicious for salads and side dishes. However, they contain a lot of salt and sugar. Wash them in a colander before cooking. This method will help you reduce about one third of salt, sugar and flavors. Besides, it is a good help in losing weight.

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