Trampoline Workout as Weight Loss Method

The construction of springs and net was used by the circus acrobats two centuries ago. Today, this sports equipment is a part of the mandatory training program for pilots and astronauts. Since 2000, trampoline jumping has been an Olympic sport. For professional training, there is special sports equipment, which can be used to fly up to the height of 10 m. There is also an amateur trampoline to be used at home or outdoors.


Why Trampoline Jumping?

Why: training on a trampoline is a great anti-depressant. Jumping releases endorphins, or “happiness hormones”. According to the study conducted by the U.S. NASA, trampoline jumping is one of the most effective ways of physical training of the body. 10 minutes of the exercise is equivalent to jogging for the distance of 3-4 km or a half-hour jog. Such exercises strengthen the muscles of the back and you try to keep your back straight, without slouching. Such training is 68% more efficient than jogging.

Who’s Recommended to Try out Trampoline Workout?

Who: trampoline is absolutely necessary for those who spend long days at the office. Training gives an unforgettable feeling of flying, full freedom and weightlessness. With these classes you can calm down, relieve fatigue, and have a new look at your problems. Have you ever tried to jump with a serious face? A smile would be even greater, if you lose a couple of extra pounds together with a pleasant pastime.

Trampoline Contraindications

Contraindications: there are almost no limitations, and trampoline jumping is good at any age. Of course, be guided by the sense of well-being. But if you had broken legs, ribs, traumatic brain and other serious injuries, if there are violations of the heart or blood vessels of the brain, consult your doctor before going to classes.