5 Things Men Pay Attention to during Sex

Yes, when it comes to getting between the sheets, men notice only a few of the things women believe they do, and disregard quite a lot of small details. For example, the woman may be pretty sure that if her elbows are dry, her nails are not strictly perfect, and there is a stray hair or three in the place she doesn’t want them, all of these things won’t register with the man. Your partner is looking for the signs that the chemistry is there and going strong, that passion is ready to take over, that he is really making you want him. Those are matters of utmost significance for men at the moment, and they get the information from the following behaviors.


The woman’s share of initiative

There are episodes when men are working hard for it to happen, while women allow them to take the situation where they want, all languidness and nonchalance. Well, the man may assume the partner is not so interested, after all, and it’s not every male who appreciates a concession. So, many men will appreciate it if you take an active part in the proceedings. Surprise them.

Body movements count

When the body moves but little, men begin to think it feels little. Is there any problem with enjoying a spell of good healthy sex, or are you for any reason a trifle self-conscious? Anyway, it may be a kind of putting a damp blanket on the scene. The body is expected to react, to give proof that its owner is excited and bent on making the man feel good in reciprocation. The best chemistry is when every movement causes an answering movement, and stimulation and response succeed each other.

Where you look

Where are the woman’s eyes? Are they locked with the man’s eyes? Are they sliding up and down his body? Because if it’s a downward look – it may be inferred as a doubtful attitude, if the woman looks at her own body – she may be unsure of something (not rightly so), if the eyes are roaming about the room – well, what’s happening doesn’t interest her very much. So, the looks must be in the picture to add that necessary touch of belonging here and now.


One of the sure signs of being turned on is heavy breathing. Sex drive causes instant changes in the manner of breathing and speaking. Hoarse and labored are the welcome signs. Let your arousal manifest itself, don’t try to check your voice or breath – neither you need to emulate a running athlete. As you’re getting deeper in the mood, let it be felt. Burn the man’s skin with hot breath, what could be more welcome? Moan softly into the ear, turn the heat up! Make the flame flare up higher!

Displaying fresh waxing or sexy lingerie

Strictly speaking, it’s not necessary – love and sex is not about waxing or clothing. But you can add an exciting element to the procedure, showing you expected that. The man recognizes at once he did stir you up to wearing alluring lingerie, won’t he feel great? Good work.

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