Women’s Night Out

A lot of ladies may not realise that their smartphones are like pop-up tents full of cheap or free fun — not necessarily online content and games, but instead simple ideas, or inspiration, or miracle tools found on the Web. The point here is not to replace a healthy, whole, human experience like dining out with something dry and digital such as an app. Yet our digital resources can spur interesting offline activities.


The Unexpected Balance

A dire future predicted by many people who felt threatened or critical of the Internet when it arrived, has not happened. Rather than people becoming indoor-bound, pasty-skinned creatures glued to screens and addicted to their virtual lives, the Web has been used to become more human, arguably. That’s because much free content is out there to tap (such as the vast, expanding DIY genre, or all manner of insider guides, and sources of superior intelligence shared freely by friendly experts).

For people who, at one time or another, find themselves bored of going out, or who need to cut personal expenses, perhaps there is nothing better than the Web. Young women intent on having a full social life despite a tight budget probably are the most ingenious — going to the point of using information listed online to create party groups in social networks, itineraries, maps, and strategic guest lists for small expeditions aiming to find happy hours and free moments of fun. Alternative fun on the Web does include popular online games, but is not limited to that.

Beyond Free

In addition to many, many forms of free online content (or at least, content that can be sampled before it is subscribed to) is a class of paid content that just about anybody can afford. The nice thing about the Web as a marketplace, that differs from a brick and mortar shop, is its global scale — this means that any product or service can benefit from a distribution model so vast (even for mom-and-pop businesses) that prices can be super low.

It is the newest, most mainstream, extremely expensive to create type of content that carries steep prices — like major blockbuster movies, that killer new XBox title, or new music albums. However, there is a whole layer of great stuff that is slightly too old for high prices, and yet nevertheless wonderful. If you are into games, then many emulated classics you can play on a smartphone fall into this category.

There also are various pastimes, games, crafts or legacy entertainment (all those ‘oldies but goodies’) that have been collected and curated on the Web. Just think of YouTube as a cultural museum — but one that is open all night, ready to enrich a personal quest for kicks and giggles.

Getting Jiggy with It

Any curious woman can use her excellent nonlinear, oceanic thinking skills to search for and find unusual content — as an alternative to the more current pop culture that we’re paying for when going out on the town. Put together an evening at home, aided by encyclopedic resources online. Or, maybe plan a whole trip through town with new theme (relying upon Google Maps for free) and in that way, explore things in the real world that were glimpsed online.

For example, you may have never thought of yourself as a bingo player, right? Certainly not the type to join a fray of older ladies pile into a gymnasium set up as a bingo hall — but online bingo is another type of animal entirely! Young women with a sense of humour can take something campy like bingo, and try it out lightheartedly, for the sheer enjoyment of the unusual!

The ranks of players for the Web’s version of this classic game do include hip older gals, yet also plenty of university students, moms and professionals. Web-powered bingo such as what is found at newpaypalbingo.com proves the fact that today a girl does not have to shell out beaucoup cash to have a good time trying something new — she just has to exercise her creativity and intelligence. And that always is fun.

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