10 Steps to a Healthy Life for Very Busy People

An overloaded workday is one of the most common reasons not to lead a healthy lifestyle. But in fact it turns out that this is nothing more than an excuse. Being healthy is easy, even if your days are scheduled to the last minute.


Make a menu for a week in advance

At the weekend, you definitely have some time to sit down and think about the menu for the week. Write a list of dishes and make a list of the needed products. Shopping should be done at a time: if your refrigerator is filled for the next seven days, you will not be puzzled about what to cook.

If you do not do this, you will most likely feel so hungry and tired at least once during the whole week that you will get frustrated and order a pizza.

Cook in advance

At the weekend, spend an hour or two, cooking huge portions of food. For example, you can make some provisions for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then freeze them. It will save time on cooking. Thus, you can cook meat or vegetables, and then you will have no excuses: you will be forced to eat healthy food.

Manage your time

Let’s say you have no time to buy food. Then find out which delivery service could help to solve this problem. You’d be surprised how many supermarkets are ready to bring food right to your doorstep. If you make weekly purchases in such a way, you can save money on delivery. Don’t you trust the employees of stores and supermarkets? Then talk with your friends: perhaps they can help you with the selection and delivery of products. All that you need is desire!

Take a lunch with you

This saves money and helps prevent the need to go and eat a cheeseburger at lunchtime. At first, it is going to be difficult, but then cooking dinner will be a routine. It is even logical: if you’re going somewhere, take a small healthy snack. It may seem too difficult, but while walking or during the working day you will be delighted, having the possibility to eat something really good.

Drink a smoothie for breakfast

Cabbage, spinach, avocado, celery, bananas, kiwi and strawberries can be prepared in advance and then transformed into a delicious and nutritious drink in the morning. Just put the ingredients in a blender and add spices to taste. After such preparation, it is sufficient to just rinse the cup and rush to work.

Move during the working day

No matter how tense your job is, you have to force yourself to move during the day. Use modern technology and time management to allocate five minutes every hour to do some exercises. Squat, do push-ups or jump as it does not require a lot of space. Do not be lazy. Use the stairs instead of the elevator as another way of getting the desired load.

Practice HIIT

High intensity interval training can be a great solution for those who have little time. These classes take no more than 20 minutes, but their result is very impressive. These exercises can be done at home, and you should not necessarily go to a gym. Use specialized programs or applications to find support and assistance.

Do not negotiate

If you have a schedule which requires 10 minutes for a workout or an hour for cooking, do not negotiate with yourself. Do not go back on your word, do not make concessions, and do not tell yourself to postpone everything until later.

It is surprising, but even short-term regular exercises can dramatically change your appearance and attitude.

We tend to give our work or studies the highest priority, but it is fundamentally wrong. Health is the main thing.

Be realistic

It is understood that such exercise and workout can keep you in good shape, help to be healthy and energetic. But, for example, you will not get ready for a marathon in such a way. Major sporting events require a long, methodical and exhausting period of training. Therefore, be realistic: a short five-minute workout can help you become healthier, but will not make you a professional athlete.

Make motion a part of your life

Try to spend almost a half of your day in motion. Walk, run, jump, or stand at least. Hold a meeting on the go (as Dr. House, for example). Walk a couple of bus stops and then use public transportation. It’s simple and is not time-consuming, but it really helps the body, which needs to move.

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