3 Questions To Ask Yourself before Breaking up

After another endless struggle it may seem to you that breaking up is the best of all possible solutions. But before you take this step, ask yourself three key questions.

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Am I jumping to conclusions?

If you are frequently haunted by the thought of break, do not jump to conclusions. Psychologists recommend expressing your thoughts on paper. This does not mean that you have to fill a 96-sheet notebook with swear words. Just write all the reasons why you’d want to leave. Perhaps you will find that it is not the partner who is guilty, but for example, financial matters, pressure at work, or depression.

How big a mismatch are we?

There are no princes, we live in a real world and meet real people. The questions we ask ourselves (Is there still passion? Do I find him attractive? Why doesn’t he understand simple things?) are often too superficial. In fact, any problems can be solved if both partners are willing to work on the relationship, based on mutual support and respect.

What will I lose after breaking up?

After marriage, some women plunge into the whirlpool of new relationships, go partying and enjoy life. But do not be seduced by the ephemeral joys. Psychologists advise to think again carefully about your ideal man: what traits he should have, how he should look, talk, move and treat you. Project all these features onto your partner: what he has, and what he does not. Now try to project the same traits at all the male acquaintances. Maybe then you will realize that your beloved is much closer to the ideal than anyone else.

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