New Beauty Makeup Product: Serum Foundation

The new BB, CC and DD products can already be called classical, but in the fall 2013, one more brand-new type of foundation appears – SF (Serum Foundation).


As you have guessed, this is an anti-aging product that not only tones your face, but also works on age-related changes of the skin.

The first innovation, theYouth Liberator Serum Foundation, was presented by Yves Saint Laurent at the beginning of the fall season. It is based on Glycanactif – the anti-age ingredient helping improve skin tone, texture and moisture.

Another novelty was created by Artistry. It is a serum-based lifting foundation Youth Xtend Lifting Smoothing Foundation, which came on the market this month. Peptides and sodium hyaluronate are the main fighters against skin aging, they increase the skin’s firmness and elasticity and smooth wrinkles.

A peculiar feature of the new serum-based foundations is their denser texture, they are less transparent, but moisturize skin throughout the day very well – this is exactly what is required of the aging skin.