3 Phrases Your Man Wants to Hear from You

No matter how self-confident and independent our men can seem, sometimes they just need support and the words of encouragement. We have chosen the top 3 things your man would like to hear from you.


1. “I Respect Your Decision”

This uncomplicated phrase is a direct appeal to his inner caveman, who is constantly forced to take responsible decisions that will determine his future and the future of his beloved ones. Ladies need love, protection and security, and men need to enjoy power and respect due to their testosterone. At the same time, women are not obliged to agree to everything – we can have our own opinion, but try to respect his choice.

2. “You Look Great Today”

A man would never admit that he worries about his appearance just as a woman does. Do you think he goes to the gym to keep healthy? Certainly not!

3. “I Believe in You”

A man often lacks the words of trust and recognition of the fact that his woman is on his side. By the way, the experts say that such statements need to be made before or after sex – at the moment when your bodies are filled with oxytocin, the hormone of tenderness, and love words sound extremely convincing.

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