5 Healthy Habits Harming Your Health

Sticking to these healthy habits, you can have more harm than benefit.


  1. The first place in the list goes to the improper vitamins intake. An increased dosage of vitamins A and E, for example, increases the cancer and heart failure risk, since their high level weakens the immune system.
  2. The second place belongs to yoga: it can cause tendons and cartilages rupture, arthritis, retinal tear, back pain and neck injuries.
  3. The third line is taken by nasal douche: water may contain amoebae (Naegleria fowleri), which cause brain infection.
  4. Those who have replaced white rice with brown one may be disappointed by the fact that brown rice has significantly higher toxin levels.
  5. The list would not be complete without sunscreens: while spraying them, we inhale chemical vapors, which negatively influence the state of the respiratory system.

However, this list is for those who are too zealously concerned about their health. If you follow these habits without fanaticism, you are safe.