25 Women’s Dearest Relationship Secrets That Men Ought to Know

Women can seem unfathomable – or at least some men claim so – and unreadable. Actually it isn’t so, not by a long chalk, for those who know the signs and can see them coming. Here are only 25 hints, and these are quite enough to make a woman happy – men, heed them!


Friendship, support and hot lovemaking is certainly what women want, but there are subtler things that men may have overlooked and failed to add to their charms… yet. When you hear for the umpteenth time that you don’t understand your woman, or don’t notice her, it can mean that you have omitted a couple of things. So, here’s the ultimate list of things that make any woman bloom and feel that she’s got the right man by her side.

It shouldn’t be treated as a lesson in manners but a pretty openhearted list of female innermost cravings of which males can be sure and which they are expected to recognize and make good use of.

Notice small things

Once the man is in with us, it’s only the beginning of what we expect to be a long-long line of small surprises and pleasantries. To remain always in, the man should take note of small things we like and turn up armed with chocolate, books, trinkets or whatever he heard us mention. It will be greatly appreciated.

Make some effort

Be relaxed at times, but know when there are times to display your energy and enterprise, even in terms of taking out the garbage. Arrange events for anniversaries, weekends, it will make your life fuller and more excitable as well.

Don’t mistake arrogance for confidence

An arrogant male is a constant irritation, whereas a confident man exudes comfort and sex appeal. A clear understanding of the difference will be instantly felt in how women take you in.

Employ old fashioned chivalry

Take your cue from old films and show your chivalrous side. Take care of the door and the chair, pick the bill at the first date – it all may seem cheesy but is really endearing.

Don’t act like a kid

It’s a game that goes down well when the time is right, but you won’t want to turn your beloved woman into a caring mother all the time. There are limits to women’s desire to coddle, and they will expect you to switch into your best mannish mode to show you’re not weak and dependent.

Learn to listen us out

Of course you heard that women are into talking. Do you want us to pour out our thoughts before you or before our female friends? Describing our day to you is a show of confidence and trust, appreciate it and get down to do some quality listening.

Honesty is the best policy with women too

You may think it would be easier to brush off a situation with a fib, but then be dead sure you won’t be caught out on it! Cheats and cowards get down fast in a woman’s estimation.

A woman should feel she’s foremost in your heart

Don’t make your woman believe there is anything more important in your life than she! Your friends, an Xbox, the TV set shouldn’t appear as more important things for you; if they are, there is something wrong in your relationship. Your woman must be really worth the very first place.

Notice what’s new

Many of the things we do are done with you in mind, so it would be greatly welcome if you showed that you noticed a new hairstyle or an item of clothing.

Be slow lovers

As you know, women take a longer time to reach orgasm, and you won’t want to get through with the sex before we enjoyed it thoroughly. Let us feel better in a long hot foreplay, don’t hurry things to the end. That will be great!

Refusing sex is nothing special

If your woman turns down a sex offer, don’t be in a hurry to believe it is your fault. Something happened that dampened the mood, it’s just one of those things and it doesn’t mean things go awry between you.

Be a helper

A lazy man can lose respect, so if you take part in our daily routines and chores now and again, and show that you share the responsibility, it’s the best you can do!

Respect private time

At times your woman may want to take a break from it all and close up to do some soul searching or just stay away from things. If she isn’t anxious and tells you it’s all right, you can believe it and leave her to snap out of it in her own time.

Can you say you’re sorry?

If you wish to “stay mannish” and refuse to admit you’ve been wrong, it shows but your obstinacy. Why not be just and say it out loud? It clears the atmosphere a lot.

Recognize bad moods

Many times we crave your extra attention, but there are other times when we feel like crumbling down. Headaches, periods, painful cramps are the times we expect understanding and a modicum of condescension.

Be mindful of our birthdays and anniversaries

Hopefully they are important days for you, so you’d do well to keep a watchful eye for them. Are you surprised that your forgetting them can get your woman irritated? You can set a reminder in your PC, tablet and whatnot, so there’s no real excuse for forgetting such days, right?

We claim respect

Not all women feel valued and appreciated. Time can erase some (or most) of respect and affection, mind it doesn’t happen to you, you go on respecting your lovely lady and your relationship doesn’t get staler and staler.

See you are hygienic

What about your teeth, armpits, general appearance? Are you taking good care of it like a grown-up man should?

Know what you want

Are you sure you really get quality time when you’re out with your friends (which is fine by us mostly) or flirting with the ladies around you (which is NEVER all right!). Or you just don’t know what to do with your time and it all has no point in your life?

Poo humor

It is NOT so amusing for us women as many men seem to believe!

Getting an interest list

You’d do well if you take pains to jot down your woman’s likes and wishes and make use of the list as often as you can. It can be your savior lots of times!

Treat us to dinners

You can’t understand how thrilling it is to see a man showing his prowess in the kitchen; it makes you so sexy!

Homemade surprises

Presents like a CD with our favorite songs, scrapbooks or self-made cards shouldn’t be rejected; on the contrary, everything that comes “straight from the heart” will always be welcome and may become a cherished gift. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings by such presents, the more so if you can’t brace yourself to express your feelings in words.

Romance is the key

Don’t waste your breath asking if a girl wants a gift – go ahead and do it! Flowers, candlelit dinners, wine and chocolate will never go amiss. As long as you go romantic, you just can’t go wrong.

We are the best that can be in your life

Really, we are not here to be taken for granted when we are God’s gift to males! Be honest and admit that we are what makes you feel, act and behave a man. Who else will make you feel so good? Keep that in mind, ever!