WTH Is Double Down Brow?

This is a fresh trend that combines both classics and the love of modern beauties for bright colors. It also implies having a lot of free time.

If you closely follow the evolution of female images in the 20th century, it becomes clear that only in recent years, girls have come to decorate eyebrows with glitter and rhinestones. Of course, it’s only these days that bloggers and makeup artists have guessed to use colored eye pencils for literally all parts of the face.

In the new trend, double down eyebrows include red, green, yellow, and blue – in general, it’s a journey along the rainbow! By the way, sometimes girls combine unusual eyebrows with bright hair coloring in this way. Judging by the pictures of the pioneering fashionistas, such coloring is performed not only for the sake of hype on Instagram or a masquerade party, but also for the sake of the usual walk around the city.

There are several options for implementing the trend: draw only the tip or base of the eyebrow with a colored pencil or apply a bright shade over the main, basic color of the eyebrow. There is also a very desperate method – to make only one eyebrow colored, and choose more familiar brown or black eyebrow pencils for the second one. Many salons have already begun to offer their customers such bold coloring.

Would you risk trying double down brows?

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