5 Reasons to Never Get Your Brows Tattooed

You probably have a few female friends who have heard a horrific story about eyebrow tattooing. Unsuccessful colors, asymmetry, and unnatural appearance are only a small part of what the girls have endured in pursuit of beauty. Before deciding on such a responsible step, think about whether you need it.

Modern cosmetology offers a lot of options for beautiful eyebrow correction without the need to resort to such an old method as tattooing. It is for this reason that we took the responsibility to dissuade you from hasty decisions.

It looks old-fashioned

Natural things are trendy now, but even the most skillfully made tattoo will never look like real eyebrows. Look at the photos of Hollywood stars’ eyebrows – have you seen anyone with tattoos? No! Do you know why? Because the fashion for this style ended in the early 2000s! Having tried all the options for permanent makeup, the girls began to gradually abandon it.

Tattooing cannot be washed off at home

You should understand that eyebrow tattooing lasts for a long time (from several months to a couple of years), and if it is done quite unsuccessfully (which happens very often), you cannot come home and just wash everything. Neither soap, nor hard washcloth can help. Specialists at beauty salons often face a situation when they are asked to fade the “tattooed” eyebrows and create new ones in their place. This work is quite tiresome, and no one guarantees the result – it seems that one should not run such a risk when it comes to the face.

Tattoo is removed with a laser

The only proven way to get rid of an unsuccessful tattoo is laser, though the procedure is painful and expensive. The most unpleasant thing is that you will have to attend 4-5 sessions that will take a couple of months to get rid of the “painted eyebrows”. Are you ready?

Tattooing will age you

All makeup artists unanimously claim that eyebrow tattooing (as well as that of eyelids and lips) produces an aging effect, but for some reason girls just don’t believe it. Unfortunately, it is the pure truth: tattooed eyebrows look so unnatural that they surely add at least 5 years of age even if the dye was selected successfully.

The chance of error is too high

Salons offer several types of eyebrow tattooing: drawing each hair, which is also called “3D tattooing”; wax tattooing, which also “imitates” real hairs, and micropigmentation (eyebrows are just stained in one tone). In theory, everything sounds very tempting, but in fact the desired result often proves too difficult to achieve.

The most common mistake is having a too dark pigment due to the incorrectly selected dye. In this case, the salon usually offers free laser fading of the eyebrows. This procedure takes some time, and one session will not be enough. However, there are more unpleasant mistakes – for example, asymmetry, when one eyebrow is slightly higher or slightly thinner than the other one. Alas, if your friend has advised you a good stylist, you may not be that lucky – tattooing is too capricious, after all…

What can replace eyebrow tattooing?

What should you do, if the eyebrows are too light and tattooing is no longer fashionable? Ladies with dark, chestnut, red or golden wheat hues of hair can undergo henna staining – it will give the eyebrows the desired shape and density. The ideal eyebrow shape will last for more than one week, and the hairs themselves will be strengthened due to the useful properties of henna. The intensity of the shade can vary from light to dark brown with golden.

If you have cold shades of hair, for example, a Nordic blonde, eyebrows with a warm tone is out of the question. The solution is to color the eyebrows with a dye resembling the tone of the hair roots or a tone darker. Besides, one needs a little practice in eyebrow makeup. Beauty should be harmonious and natural!

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