Hair Accessory Trend 2020: Pearls

Pearls are increasingly being chosen as hair decoration. Especially popular are long beads that are woven into a ponytail, tuft or braid, or “carnations” resembling droplets or confetti on the hair.

Some time ago, stylists urged to forget about hairpins with pearls. But nobody would listen! Designers at the Spring-Summer 2020 Fashion Weeks preferred to decorate hair with this precious gem again. However, they did it not in the form of hairpins, as last year, but with individual beads, which seem to have been taken from the grandmother’s box.

Actress Lucy Boynton has already demonstrated this trend on the red carpet of the “Golden Globe 2020”. Stylists fixed pearls on her hair. At the shows of Alice & Olivia and Andrew Gn’, we saw models with beads attached to strands on the braids; and at the Khaite show, there was a large jewelry, similar to that worn by Snow Maidens from fairy tales.

Famous stylist Viola Pyak keeps up with fashion trends. On her Instagram, you can find several variations of styling with pearls. Viola also shared a life hack on how to attach beads: apply a thick and dense strong fixation Sebastian gel, which works in this case as a safe glue.

So, let’s talk about the main trend of the season: how to wear and what to combine with it.

Lucy Boynton at the Golden Globe 2020

Pearls became the main component in the actress’s image at the film ceremony. The stylists picked up earrings and a pearl ring for Lucy Boynton and finally decorated her partition with large beads. Feel free to take note of this option.

Andrew Gn’s Show

Also consider the idea presented at Andrew Gn’s show: glue beads to French braids. This styling will fit especially well in hot weather, so take your pearls with you on vacation! The main rule is to glue the beads at the same distance from each other not to disturb the proportions.

Less daring but yet romantic girls can glue beads to strands in their tail or braid. In this case, pearls should be glued randomly.

Khaite show

For a special occasion, choose massive pearl hair accessories (as at the Khaite show). Or use ordinary pearl beads, fixing them on the head with hairpins. In this case, we advise you to abandon earrings and pendants on the neck not to overload the image. But the elements of pearls in clothing are quite acceptable.

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