9 Out-of-Style Manicure Trends

A modern well-groomed woman cannot be imagined without a beautiful manicure. Therefore it is very important to follow fashion trends and know what is relevant today and what is not. Nail design is rich in its own fashion trends. Despite the cyclicity, some types of manicure have long lost their relevance and look very tasteless. In our review, you will find 9 types of manicure, which are hopelessly out of style.

Fake gel nails

Fake gel nails were popular ten years ago. Thick long fingernails could be seen everywhere at that time: from a cashier in a store to the stars of show business. It was believed that the brighter and longer nails you had, the more fashionable you looked. But this time is long gone. Today, fake gels are considered very vulgar. This kind of nail art lost its relevance long ago. In addition, after such extension, the nail plate deteriorates and exfoliates.

Sharp nails

The fashion for sharp nails came along with gel extensions. Fashionistas fled to the salons to get nails of extreme length. Frankly speaking, it did not look very beautiful. In addition, this shape of nails was unsafe: many women constantly tore their tights, and some of them could accidentally scratch themselves. Perhaps, that is why the fashion for sharp nails quickly disappeared. Thanks God.

Patterns made with a needle

Drawings on the nails made with a needle or a toothpick are not practiced anymore. The fashion for such patterns developed when one did not have such a huge number of tools for nail art. Today, old-fashioned needle patterns can be seen on the nails of teenage girls, but an adult self-sufficient woman should not do this.

Painting with acrylics

A few years ago, you could see real paintings on the nails: complex flowers, patterns, and even portraits excited the imagination of all fashionable women of the planet. Today, this kind of nail art is hopelessly outdated. Modern manicure gives preference to more natural shades.

Modeling on nails

Modeling on nails came to us along with the fashion for gel nails. The manicurists created real masterpieces: voluminous flowers, leaves, animals… All of this looked very beautiful, but only at a close look. From a distance, such a manicure seemed to have a strange, vague shape. This design is now considered bad taste.

Water manicure

A year ago, this kind of nail art was very popular. But today, water design has lost its relevance. Opponents of such a manicure considered such patterns too primitive. Water patterns were substituted for a variety of thin stickers, which are the same as water manicure in terms of beauty.

Rhinestones and glitter

Rhinestones and glitter have firmly consolidated their positions in nail design. But rhinestones are all different. Using a few small rhinestones in a manicure to emphasize the image and having all the nails densely covered with rhinestones are two different things. Bright hypertrophied patterns with an abundance of glitter have long been in the past. Natural nail art is fashionable.

Drawings of animals

A few years ago, almost all women of fashion drew funny animals on their nails – rabbits, squirrels, cats etc. Today, it is difficult to imagine a businesswoman with a suchlike manicure. No one will take her seriously. But for teenagers, this design of nails is quite suitable.

Multicolored nails

The fashion for colorful nails came in the 2000s. In order to stand out from the crowd, schoolgirls painted their nails with nail polishes of neon shades. But time goes by, and such manicure underwent some changes: the colors became less bright. Nevertheless, the fashion for multicolored nails slowly loses its relevance.

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