Stone Island Chameleon Ice Knit Sweater Changes Its Color

No matter how much fashion changes and what trends occupy the world’s podiums, winter and autumn are “sweater time”. Help us welcome the king of any wardrobe in the cold season, his majesty the Sweater! This year, forget about knitted sweaters and prints with deer: the most fashionable guys choose a techno-sweater, which changes its color depending on the temperature. What else can be expected from the brand that is one of the leaders of street fashion?

Sweaters never give up their position in the men’s wardrobe. It is only prints, knitting and, of course, colors that change. But now you can get everything at once. The popular Stone Island brand has released a mini-collection of sweaters, which change their color depending on the weather conditions. This is a limited edition.

Millions of fashionable men in the world dream about the cherished patch on the sleeve with the Stone Island logo. They have one more reason for these sweet fantasies – it is the Ice Knit Sweater. Ice Knit is not an ordinary sweater. It consists of two layers: the inner one, made entirely of natural wool, which protects even from severe colds, and the outer one, made of heat-sensitive fiber. That is why the shade of the sweater changes cardinally together with the temperature. For example, if you enter a warm room when the weather is cold outside. The change of color does not occur evenly, instead, you will get stylish streaks of a different color in the best grunge traditions of the 1990s.

The Ice Knit sweater is available in three colors: yellow, which turns into a fiery orange; emerald, fading to khaki and back; and universal beige and gray. Regardless of the chosen shade, Stone Island Ice Knit sweaters will most certainly be the most expensive sweaters in the fashion collection.

By the way, this is not the first attempt of Stone Island to introduce thermotechnology into clothes.