Dress-over-Pants: Latest Fashion Trend

Dress-over-pants, or a dress with pants, is a continuation of the trend towards multi-layering. It is difficult to call this trend a new one because models have frequently appeared in beautiful sundresses over pants on the catwalks. This season, this combination of clothes has reached the streets of big cities: women of fashion all over the world boldly put on their favorite boyfriend pants and choose gentle sundresses or shirt dresses instead of the top. But how do you combine such clothes correctly? This is what our today’s article is about.

Jeans + tunic is the easiest option for a dress-over-pants combination

The combination of jeans with a tunic is not new. Therefore, if someone finds it difficult to wear a dress over pants, a tunic is an excellent alternative. Your favorite jeans will look great when paired with a bright tunic. Choosing such a set, you should be very careful about the pants – they should not be too wide, otherwise, you can turn into a square-shaped woman, losing all your elegance. It is better to give preference to leggings or skinny jeans.

A combination of a shirt dress and pants is very beautiful

A shirt dress and pants or skinny jeans is the simplest version of this combination, which is a perfect starting point of your fashion experiment. It’s difficult to feel ridiculous in such a simple set. A loose cut of the shirt and puff pants will create a wonderful fashionable ensemble, which any woman can endure. This outfit is universal: it will be perfect both for work and for walking around the city.

Pants and a dress of the same color visually elongate the silhouette

This combination will look very stylish. It is especially suitable for not very tall girls because it visually stretches the silhouette. In order to correctly choose the clothes, you need to choose a dress and trousers of the same color. An ideal situation would be to have the things sewn from one fabric, but it is not a necessary condition.

A dress plus wide trousers is a combination for brave women

It’s difficult to combine a dress with wide trousers, but it’s possible. For such a set, Marlene pants are perfect as they will create a great image for every day together with dresses of a free cut. However, you should be extremely cautious in choosing the dress: a wide cut will instantaneously turn a girl’s figure into something shapeless and tasteless.

A short dress and pants are a great idea for young girls

In every woman’s wardrobe, there is a short dress that she nevertheless likes. It is a pity to get rid of it, but it’s impossible to put on – the image turns out to be vulgar. All fashionistas now have a great alternative – you can safely wear this dress on top of skinny jeans or leather leggings.

Knitted dress + pants is a comfortable image on a cool day

A thin knitted dress or a sweater dress in a combination with pants or jeans look very original. The image can be supplemented with almost any footwear: sandals on a stable heel or wedge. On a cold day, sandals can be replaced with low-cut sneakers.

A transparent dress + pants

Another beautiful option is to combine a gentle transparent dress with pants or jeans. In order not to feel uncomfortable in this outfit, the stylists recommend wearing different tops under the dress to hide your underwear.