Makeup Trends for Spring 2020

This is what replaced the old and uninteresting trends and what will be worn on the face in the new season.

Red in eye makeup

Dark and nude makeup are gradually losing appeal in the fashion world. The new palette shades are increasingly becoming red. Red is actually universal: it emphasizes the brightness of green eyes, highlights blue and makes brown even more expressive.

We understand those who are afraid of the tired eyes effect, so we remind about shading and recommend having additional shades in the arsenal: brown (for smokey eyes) and light (for the inner corner of the eye). If you draw lines, the scarlet color will also turn out to be a little muffled. By the way, this year we are refusing shimmering shadows in favor of matte ones.

Colorful lines

Of course, nobody will ever cancel black classic lines. But it’s more interesting to experiment with other colors. Among the most popular colors: red, blue, yellow and purple. The palette can be combined to create a double line or ombre.

Wild eyebrows

Slim and decent eyebrows are in the background. Upright, highlighted or accentuated with sparkles eyebrows are in fashion. Gucci makeup artists demonstrated the most extreme version at the spring shows by gluing false eyelashes onto the models’ skin over their eyes.

Shimmering tone

Dense tone coating has not been in fashion for a long time, but we do not miss the opportunity to once again remind about this. This season, we prefer light textures and translucent radiant powders. By the way, makeup artists advise applying powder on top of sculpting products in order to shade the edges one more time, bringing the tone closer to natural.

Brown blush

At Paris Fashion Week, makeup artists almost completely prevented models from having pinkish blush, preferring the brown shades. The brown tint on the cheeks will not only serve as a sculptor (visually making the cheekbones “sharper”), but will also rejuvenate for 10 years.

The only condition for use is a slightly tanned or olive skin. Snow Whites should rather remain loyal to peach shades.

Berry lips

This concept embraces all shades of red and burgundy in a single point of application. This season, women are not expected to have a clear outline. Instead, they should blur the boundaries a bit and pay attention primarily to the center of the lips.


Dermatologists are panic-stricken and attribute more and more horrors to the sun. Still, you need to appear outdoors – to breathe and to get vitamin D. It is not necessary to force the skin to suntan, if it is pale and gets burnt easily. Self-tanners and powders with the effect of dark skin will always come in handy.

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