New L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara

The new Telescopic Explosion mascara from L’Oreal is also called “shape revolution”. The premiere is scheduled for August, while the talks about the product have already started. The small round brush was already introduced as innovation from Givenchy, but L’Oreal, offers something similar in its mascara Telescopic Explosion. What is the advantage?

Telescopic Explosion Mascara

The innovation lies not only in the brush; it is an absolutely new formula based on water and special polymers, which cover the eyelashes with a thick layer of mascara. The mascara can be washed off with regular water – and this is the newest trend in the field of makeup those days. The elements of the mascara can not only add color and shape to the eyelashes, but also take care of them over the whole day, as the new mascara contains D-Pantenol, which makes eyelashes healthier, stronger, and more flexible.

The main attention is drawn to the brush, since a lot of details about our eyelashes depend on its shape and quality. The L’Oreal company has patented this innovative spherical mascara brush. The key advantages of the brush are as follows:

  • it covers even the hardest to reach eyelashes,
  • it easily and comfortably slides in any direction (from roots to ends),
  • it does not leave lumps,
  • it offers impressive panoramic looks.

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