Givenchy Makes a Revolution in the World of Mascara

Givenchy Phenomen`eyesRound brush instead of the straight one? Definitely it’s a revolution in the world of makeup! Givenchy company presents a new mascara called Phenomen`eyes. Up till now, none of the manufacturers offered such shape of the brush. The creators assure that round brush-ball will oust its precursor from the cosmetic market thanks to the numerous advantages it has: the ball brush carefully separates each eyelash, it slides in any direction easily and comfortably, from the roots all the way to the tips, without leaving behind even the smallest eyelashes in the inner corner and the tail of the eye.

The mascara’s curling formula (it contains special fixative polymer) along with the brush itself, which thoroughly coats the eyelashes, make the task much easier and create astonishing panoramic effect! In addition, the new product also has strengthening effect thanks to the D-Pantenol component.

Phenomen`eyes will come into stores this august; the line will have two shades – black and brown. I should definitely give it a try!

This mascara is already on offer and costs $27, you can buy it here: Givenchy Phenomen’ Eyes.

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