Yoga Enhances Immunity

YogaA group of international experts from the universities Haifa (Israel), Leeds (Great Britain) and Harvard (USA) believe that the traditional Indian technique of relaxation, yoga, has its own genetic and biological benefits. Muscle relaxation, breathing exercises, and practice of meditation help mental and physical development, lower signs of stress and anxiety, strengthen the immunity, and prevent the effect of the stress hormones. The physiologists noted that such observations were made in people who practice yoga for years as well as in beginners.

The therapists say that due to its relaxing qualities yoga can help cure a vast number of illnesses such as various aches, sterility, rheumatic arthritis, and insomnia. It has been determined that yoga activates over 2 thousand genes which influence cell metabolism, immune response to oxidative damage of cells and tissues, and chronic tension. Medics mainly analyzed immune blood cells so that they could understand how effective the exercises are in terms of helping the person feel better and protecting their body. If you want to see your health benefit from yoga exercises, then you need to devote to it at least 20 minutes a day.