Tips How to Cure Insomnia

Woman Suffering from InsomniaTurning around in bed for the whole night, falling asleep right before the sunrise, waking up not well-rested, but rather exhausted. Sounds familiar? Insomnia can be a symptom of many different illnesses, but a healthy person can experience it as well. Insomnia mostly develops due to disturbed falling asleep in the evening, early wake-up time in the morning, or not deep enough sleep at night. A relatively healthy person can get insomnia due to a nervous over excitement, stress, or prolonged high physical activity.

What Can Cause Insomnia

If you have a cold and struggle with a sore throat, running nose, you may be waking up at night having difficulties breathing or experiencing cough attacks. In this case you need to get rid of the cold, and insomnia will vanish along with it. On the other hand, if negative factors affect your body all the time and sleeping disorder becomes a regular issue, you’ll have to change your habits and lifestyle to overcome insomnia.

Tip 1 to Cure Insomnia. Avoid Caffeine

Stay away from the foods and drinks with caffeine and other tonic substances in them, especially in the afternoon. Those products include coffee, black and green tea, carbohydrate drinks (which have “cola” as part of their name), energy drinks, chocolate.

Tip 2 to Cure Insomnia. Food before Sleep

You should not have meals at least 2-3 hours before going to sleep, but going to bed hungry is not welcomed as well. Exclude spicy, greasy, fried dishes from your dinner and limit the food options to vegetables and light diary products. A cup of peppermint or chamomile tea, or a glass of warm milk with a spoon-full of honey will provide a helpful calming effect.

Tip 3 to Cure Insomnia. Go to Bed Calm

Try not to do any activities before going to sleep which make you tense or overexcited. It is not recommended to watch suspense movies before bed time; avoid actions which require high activity. You can go for a slow half-hour walk or do some slow-paced, calming activities, for example knitting, taking care of the plants, reading a fairy tale for children. Taking a bath with ylang-ylang or tangerine scented bubble bath has good calming effect.

Tip 4 to Cure Insomnia. Make Your Sleep Comfortable

For a proper relaxation during your sleep, it is important that the bed and pillow are comfortable, and the cover is warm enough. It is better to choose bed linen, as well as the sleep-wear, made with natural fiber. Yet another advice – foreign scents and sounds can also interfere with normal sleep. Ventilate the room before going to bed and hang thick curtains over the windows. If it is impossible to exclude the sounds which interfere with your sleep, buy some ear-plugs.

Tip 5 to Cure Insomnia. No Sleeping Pills

When fighting insomnia, it is important to follow an accurate sleep-activity schedule, go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. The sleep schedule disturbed for two weeks may require two months for a full restoration. The main point is that you should not aim for quick results, by turning to over-the-counter sleeping pills. Each of those drugs has a range of side-effects, which may even worsen your current state. You can take sleeping pills only after consulting a doctor.

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