7 Chronic Fatigue Syndromes Discovered

Tired WomanA genetic component of chronic fatigue syndrome has been found by scientists at St. George’s Hospital Medical School of the University of London. They compared blood samples of 55 patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and 75 healthy people. It has been discovered, that there exist 7 genetic kinds of chronic fatigue syndrome, and each of them has its particular symptoms.

The first type of chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by hyperanxiety, depression and insomnia. The second one shows itself as fatigue due to physical activeness and joint and muscle pain. The most “favorable” type of chronic fatigue syndrome is the third one, which becomes apparent as high levels of tiredness in the evening. The forth kind of chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by insomnia and moderate pain in muscles after being physically active. The fifth type shows itself by high muscle weakness and indigestion. The sixth one occurs by permanent general tiredness. The last type of chronic fatigue syndrome has the most severe symptoms, such as permanent hyper fatigue, headache and even painful, enlarged tonsils.

Scientists claim, that detailed study of genes responsible for chronic fatigue can be very useful in elaborating effective methods of treatment.

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