Is Lack of Sleep Hurting Your Career?

You’re absolutely killing it between the hours of 8:30 – 5:00 (or longer). But is your career being held back by what you’re doing after 10 p.m.?

You might think you’re getting by and functioning well enough on your current sleep schedule. But, you may not realize that a bit more sleep can unlock more energy, more creativity, and yes, more money!

If you’re getting ‘average’ sleep on an old mattress, that’s not good enough. It’s time to get something more comfortable and discover the convenience of a mattress in a box to start getting the 8 hours you need!

Here’s how a lack of sleep is actually hurting your career.

More Sleep = More Money

What if we told you that an extra hour of sleep could make you an extra $10,000 a year?

Well, data proves that people who get an extra hour of sleep actually make an average of 16% more. When you consider that the average American makes $56,516 per year, that extra 16% would add up to a $9,042.56 raise.

Why do people who sleep more make more money?

You’re More Productive

We’ve all been there. You’re exhausted and want to be anywhere but work. You can feel how unproductive you’re being and you’re straining to perform any of the job functions that are routine most other days.

We all have those days, but if you’re regularly shortchanging your body and brain of the rest it needs, you might find yourself in that state of mind weekly, or even daily.

This is likely going to show up in the job metrics that your raises and promotions are based on.

Your Judgment is Impaired

A lack of sleep can also lead to mistakes on the job. In an office setting, this could mean a simple miscalculation that leads to the company losing money — or even a client.

If you’re in a more blue-collar setting, a lack of sleep can lead to a workplace accident. In fact, data proves that sleep-deprived employees are 70% more likely to be involved in a workplace incident.

This could obviously put you and your coworkers in unnecessary danger. But, it can also impact your job performance and a bad safety record can cost you raises and promotions.

Your Creativity Suffers

If your job depends on your ability to be creative every day, not getting enough sleep is depriving you of one of your most valuable assets.

When you’re stuck in the tired mental rut we described earlier, you’re not in any state of mind to come up with new or innovative ideas. Even if you come up with a great idea, you may hate it and throw it away because you’re tired and cranky.

So go to bed, already!

You may feel like you’re being lazy or self-indulgent when trying to make sleep a major priority in your life. You’re not! You’re being responsible. As you read above, you may actually be hurting your career by not getting enough sleep and not showing up with your A-game.

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