IceDifferent people have different ideas about cryotherapy. Some think that cryotherapy means taking ice-cold baths, and snow-rubbing, and dipping in ice-holes. It is not so. Specialists imply under this term a procedure carried out in special chamber with the help of liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen is cooled down to -160°C (-256°F) or even lower.

The Process of Cryotherapy

What is cryotherapy needed for? It helps cure various illnesses: arthritis, hypertension, moreover, the procedure has cosmetic effect. Ultralow temperature acts on the upper skin layers; the vessels expand at first and then contract. The whole procedure takes no more than 3 minutes.

The Effect of Cryotherapy

The procedure should be carried out in special cryocell if you want to remove cellulite. You will not feel the low temperature much during the procedure, but once the session is over you can experience some energy surge or relaxation. Face cryotherapy is done to improve the face complexion, remove acne or pimples. Cryotherapy is also great at smoothing the skin out.

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