Remedy for Shyness Discovered

Shy WomanWhen you were a child, you didn’t have the courage to answer during lessons, because you were too shy. And now sometimes you still can’t come up to a stranger and ask the way – again, because you feel uncomfortable to do this, you just can’t do it sometimes, and this is something you can’t cope with. This has been and is still now a great problem for many people. Finally, shyness can be treated. An international group of scientists has developed a remedy for shyness.

The invention is based on research data according to which oxytocin influences the psycho-emotional state of men and women in the way that it helps overcome natural shyness. The basic functions of oxytocin have been well-known for a long time. Such functions are participating in metabolism processes, assisting the uterus contractions during delivery, stimulating lactation. The effect of oxytocine on the social adaptation was an unexpectedness for the scientists. Already now there has been invented a pill based on this hormone created to help people overcome shyness.

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