Body and Skin Rejuvenation Diet

Body and Skin Rejuvenation FoodsCosmetic care is not enough for a longer healthy and young looking skin; when taking care of the face skin, the diet plays important role as well. To make it short, how fast your body ages depends on what you eat. Below in the text you will learn about some healthy eating habits that will help you stay young longer. A diet can not smooth out the wrinkles, but can prevent the new ones from emerging.


When was the last time you had some oatmeal? If a long time ago, now is the time to look back at those days and make a bow of porridge into daily breakfast habit. Those of you who have never had oatmeal in their life will be the first ones to notice its rejuvenating abilities. A daily beauty salad, that revives the face complexion is made with cooked oatmeal, slices of fresh fruits and berries.

Drink Water

Insufficient hydration is reflected on your looks before anywhere else. Drink more and more often – up to 8-10 glasses a day. Don’t feel like drinking? Try taking a sip of pure mineral water each time you reach out for a cup of coffee, cookie, or a smoke.

We confuse thirst with hunger or a wish for a smoke
once too often!

Cucumber to Fight Chloasma

Making some salad? Donate a couple of cucumber slices for your face, neck, and hands skin. Cucumber helps get rid of the emerging age related chloasma; freeze a cucumber, thaw it out, and use its juice to wipe your skin.

Eat Red Foods

Red beet and carrots are the kings of the rejuvenation kingdom. Add those vegetables raw to any salad, when making some braise, or even put in water when boiling some pasta.

Green tea

Japanese scientists found out that the polyphenols found in green tea are 20 times more effective than the widely recommended vitamin E; they slow down the aging process in the tissues, act as antioxidants, and lower the cholesterol level. The flavonoids found in green tea can prevent you from developing the heart diseases.

To live longer, drink no less than 2 cups of green tea a day.

Smart Fasting

You could live up to age of 180 if you do some smart fasting; such an outstanding conclusion was made by scientists. As it turns out, when our body encounters extreme situations, such as fasting, it produces a special protein, which can extend our life span at least by 50 per cent. This mechanism was found only in mice so far, but the scientists believe, that our body has a similar one and promise to develop proper technologies soon. Meanwhile, for those of you who wish to activate the “protein of life” on your own, they advise to go for some reasonable fasting. Dieticians, however, note that fasting, especially a long-term one, should be carried out only under a doctor’s supervision.

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