New Lipstick Dior Serum de Rouge

Serum de Rouge being a part of Dior fall collection deserves a separate credit to be mentioned. Dior is offering a new generation lipstick that decorates, cares and rejuvenates.

Dior Serum de Rouge Lipstick

Serum de Rouge is a serum-based lipstick which – if compared to regular one – offers ten times more active components.

These include firstly microelements of hyaluronic acid that evens the skin surface and fills in wrinkles to outline your lips’ shape. Secondly there is mango oil and vitamin A derivatives. Much to the all Dior products, the other three components like ruscogenine, centella asiatica extract and Commiphora refresh the complexion, improves flexibility and fights wrinkles.

UV filter rating 20 which is a must for modern cosmetic products is also among the new implementations. Texture is said to feel non-sticky but rich and oily.

Serum de Rouge Lip Stick will be put on sale this fall and feature eight natural colors, ezch costing around $50.

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