Paris Fashion Week – Dior

Compared to Dior Haute Couture collection, critics saw John Galliano’s pret-a-porter line for a French fashion house as lacking passion intrinsic to this designer’s clothing. Yet, inspired by Paul Poiret fashion ideas, the 20-s, and Oriental style, the clothing line was stunning – harem pants, gold-embroidered brocade, floral-print skirts, ikat patterns and horizontal folds. 

Beautiful Pink Dior Dress

John Galliano said he was sparked by Delacroix paintings and the ideas from Christian Dior, the founder of the House of Dior.

Dior Model - Paris Fashion Week Spring 2009

The East was always a source of inspiration for Christian Dior and he traveled a lot through Asian countries. And John Galliano seems to wander more in his fantasies.

Weird Dior Fashion

Dior Blue Coat

Another Red Dior Dress

Dior Fashion

Oriental Dior Fashion

Red Dior Dress

Pink Dior Dress

Grey Dior Dress

Pink Dior Shoes

Dark Blue Dior Shoes

Dark Blue Dior Bag

Black Dior Shoe

Beige Dior Bag

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