COVID-19 Changed It All: Medical Face Masks by YSL & Disinfectants by Christian Dior

Many European companies began to reconsider their produce when the demand for medical remedies increased sharply. While the general public adheres to social distancing and quarantine, the stores shut their doors, and fashion brands, car manufacturers and startups are changing their products to help fight the spread of the virus.

Medical masks by Balenciaga and YSL

The owner of the Balenciaga luxury brand announced that their production “was getting ready to produce masks, observing the most stringent measures to protect the health of their employees.” Production will be launched as soon as the production process and the materials are approved by the relevant authorities.

Meanwhile, Kering S.A., which also owns Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Bottega Veneta, will donate three million masks ordered from China, while Paris-based Balenciaga and production-ready Saint Laurent Angers factories begin the production.

The largest brand of the Gucci conglomerate is now asking for permission from the Italian authorities for the production of one million masks.

Antiseptics by Christian Dior

French factories, which were usually used to create perfumes or cosmetics, including Dior, Loewe, Givenchy, were reformed in order to produce hand antiseptics. This is done to prevent shortages in the country. The LVMH luxury association, also owned by Louis Vuitton, announced this on March 16. The Lines companies are currently producing a water-alcohol gel that LVMH will distribute for free to hospitals and medical centers.

LVMH also handed over 40 million face masks from China to the French authorities. The first batch of 10 million masks should arrive in the coming days.

In addition to them, Bvlgari has made a donation to Italy and Switzerland in the form of a disinfecting gel.

Hospital respirators by Ferrari

Italian hospitals are in critical need of hospital respirators, so Ferrari has increased the production of respirators and fans from 150 to 500. Similarly, the Armani Group has redirected all four production sites to create disposable medical overalls for healthcare providers. Famous brands, including Zara and H&M, also joined the process.

The owner of the Spanish brand Inditex will donate about 300,000 surgical masks by the end of the week, while the H&M Group is reorganizing their supply chain for the production of protective equipment for healthcare workers and hospitals.

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