Futuristic Mask by Project Hazel

The global COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant changes in all spheres of human activity, including the emergence of an updated range of products from high-tech firms. The Razer company showcased a reusable N95-compliant face shield, Project Hazel, at CES 2021. The developers position the new product as “the world’s smartest respirator” capable of filtering up to 95% of small particles.

The company has not yet announced the price or the timeline for the launch of Project Hazel mask in mass production. The model unveiled at CES 2021 is a prototype, and regulators still have to issue an official N95 certification for the mask. The demonstration prototype has a glossy, scratch-resistant and waterproof surface.

According to the developers, the mask will be made from recycled plastic. The surface of the mask is transparent, which allows the interlocutor to read lips and track the user’s facial expressions. Razer is currently in talks and is working with some medical companies.

The distinctive appearance of Project Hazel is provided by two circular ventilation zones on the sides of the mask, making it look like a gas mask. The developers plan to install active disc fans in these areas, which filter both inhaled and exhaled air. Compliance with the norms of Certificate #95 indicates the desire of the developers to provide the mask user with protection from 95% of all small particles, including the COVID-19 viruses.

The design of the Project Hazel mask assumes that the disk fans will be removable and can be quickly replaced. It is assumed that a warning about the need to replace the safety valves will be sent in the form of a notification to the user’s smartphone via a special mobile application.

To ensure comfortable communication between the users of the Project Hazel mask, speakers and microphones will be provided. Working with THX sound engineers will allow Razer to minimize the impact of the user’s voice amplified by the speakers on those around them.

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