Latest Hair Color Trend: Mushroom Blond

The fact that a lot of modern women do not try to dye their gray hair, while others even imitate its shade, is no longer surprising. The new trend only confirms that girls stopped being afraid of growing up (maybe, they are just pretending!)

Everyone keeps their own mushroom shade in mind: someone imagines a whitish cream soup, others recall picking brown mushroom hats in the forest, and still others think of a yellowish transparent soup. When it comes to hair dyeing, which is popular in the fall, opinions also differ, and under the hashtag ‘mushroom blond’ there appear highlighted brunettes as well as the blondes who have all of a sudden gone gray.

As a rule, hair dyeing involves a darker shade at the roots, which gradually discolors along the length, and fair locks near the face. Due to dark roots, dyeing is thought to be long-term – you do not need to come to the salon every month to “freshen up” the shade.

The range of colors is limited only by your imagination – you can add gray, and brown, and yellow, and even some purple. The thinner the colored lock will be, the more natural it will look. Dyeing does not require special haircuts or hairstyles, but it surely looks best on wavy curls – it is a great way to show the multinationality of shades.

You can create mushroom blond either by lightening your hair and adding gray and beige or by darkening the blond for a contrasting iridescent color effect.

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