5 Mistakes You Make When Using Under-Eye Patches

Patches are a very popular remedy. They eliminate black eyes and baggy eyelids, make eyes look fresher and younger. But not everyone knows how to use them correctly. What are we doing wrong

Applying under eyes only

Hydrogel patches are so popular for a reason. They indeed relieve puffiness and smooth out minor wrinkles. These same patches (originally intended for the area under the eyes) can be used for any face zone, including nasolabial folds and frown lines.

Incorrect application

Within 15-20 minutes, patches are supposed to give the skin all the active substances, freshen it up and eliminate imperfections. It is important not to apply them too close to the mucosa, but which side to choose is up to you.

Using wrong patches

There exist lots of patches to solve various problems, so the composition of active components is different. Thus, oil patches are used for moisturizing and nourishing. Patches with black pearls and gold possess an instant effect – they smooth and moisturize to the fullest. Products with vitamin C even out the face tone and remove age spots.

Spending last money

The patch industry has diverged so much that sometimes you have to pay the same money for a box of face masks as for a luxury brand cream. If it is not about you, a replacement can be found, such as using old-fashioned pieces of ice and cucumber slices or fabric masks. The effect of patches can be compared to fabric masks. However, masks should not be applied every day: they contain too much active substances and if you overuse them, you can harm the skin.

Having too many hopes

Alas, patches will not be able to solve the problem of deep wrinkles as tissue creases have already occurred. Suchlike should be treated with cosmetology or even plastic surgery. Patches are more likely to help consolidate the result and delay the appearance of new age-related signs.

In case of constant puffiness under the eyes or on the face, or hernias, you need to be examined. This may be a sign of an internal body illness.

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