How to Use Derma Roller: Full Guide

How to properly use derma roller, the popular home anti-wrinkle device? Why do you need a derma roller? We will answer these and other questions about the new beauty gadget in the today’s article.

What is a derma roller?

A derma roller is a device with a spinning wheel and several tiny needles on it. The beauty industry offers many variations of the device: for face and body, with short and long needles, with titanium and even gold plating. Wider rollers are used for the body, while narrower ones are for the face or eyes. In general, such a thing can become an adornment of any Instagram account (and of your skin!).

But these devices have one thing in common – they leave micro holes on the skin, through which nourishing and moisturizing elements from creams and serums penetrate into the deep layers. Hyaluronic acid makes almost no sense: the molecules are very large, and if you just smear it on your face, there will be no result, it will not get to the depth.

That is why injections or home instruments such as a derma roller are considered more effective and important to use correctly at home. Another function of the gadget is to improve blood circulation and stimulate the renewal of skin cells, both of these phrases automatically lead to fresher skin and slowing down the aging process.

It makes sense to use the derma roller to remove shallow scars – such a massage stimulates collagen and skin renewal and thus evens the surface. The same device is effective in the fight against cellulite – it smoothens the skin, ridding it of bumps.

How to prepare your skin for a derma roller

The first point of preparation for using the derma roller is cleansing, and we are talking about both the roller and your skin. It is important to clean the device with alcohol or chlorhexidine after each use. You cannot share it with other people. Alternatively, wash the roller in soap and water. By the way, the rule also applies to the very first application (that is, immediately after purchase) – be sure to rid the gadget of possible bacteria.

Pay attention to the face now: wipe the skin with micellar water, wash the skin with gel, mousse or foam, wipe it with a tonic – now it’s done! Important note: micellar water can be excluded from this scheme, it all depends on the degree of skin “pollution”: if you spent the whole day outdoors or wore makeup (especially with moisture-resistant products), you will need micellar water – it will better remove all the unnecessary substances.

And you definitely shouldn’t neglect the tonic: it invigorates the skin and prepares it for further actions and at the same time removes the remnants of other products that were used before it. And of course, remember about scrubbing (or peeling) 1-2 times a week – deeper cleaning is important and protects from the appearance of pimples and irritation.

Before using the derma roller, make sure that there is no salicylic acid or alcohol in the products you choose. Such products in reasonable doses are important for problem skin, but in combination with a roller (thanks to the needles, it irritates the skin a little) it can make your face redden and even peel off later. If you are afraid of pain, apply a cream with lidocaine to your skin – this analgesic agent, as a rule, produces its effect on the surface in 15-20 minutes. After all the products have been applied, make sure the skin is dry and there is no water or cream left on it.

How to use a derma roller at home

If you use a derma roller for the face, avoid the area around the eyes – it is delicate and sensitive and requires a special approach. It is worth using the derma roller correctly as follows, the rules do not depend on the area of application:

Treat the skin 5-6 times vertically, 5-6 times horizontally, and the same amount of times diagonally.

It is advisable to spend no more than two minutes on the experiments – severe injuries will not occur, but the effect will already be present.
The video contains useful instructions for beginners (it turns out that everything is not as scary as it seems at first glance):

After the procedure, rinse the gadget or wipe it with alcohol. Immediately after using the derma roller, apply a firming or revitalizing serum to the skin, followed by a moisturizer or lotion. Instead of a lotion or cream, it is appropriate to use a moisturizing tissue mask.

A derma roller with too long needles may cause bleeding. In this case, it is important to soberly assess the situation: if these are small bleeding points that do not bother you much, you can continue the procedure. If there are too many red streaks, it is better to stop and choose a gadget with less sharp spines.

How often should you use a derma roller?

A derma roller for the face should not be used too often, after all, it produces a mechanical effect and causes a certain stress for the skin. Use the device up to 3-4 times a week and arrange longer periods of rest: for example, perform the procedure for a month and then rest without it the next month.

Do not think that a derma roller is a panacea for all problems, it is only a device for a cosmetic bag, suitable for simple care. It will not save you from deep wrinkles and scars and from advanced cellulite. With all of these “problems”, you should resort to more serious procedures with a beautician rather than try to solve them at home.

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