Celebs with Hidden Talents and Skills

When celebs get home for a quiet evening – if they have many of those, of course – are they also very different from us, or maybe in some aspects alike? After they have eaten and rested, what does their mind turn to? Are they keen on some job-unrelated hobbies?

Hobbies begin with simple homely occupations like scrapbooking, but these are rare among celebrities – they go for things that make them outstanding (hardly any of your neighbors tames tigers, or do they?). Below are some people you know very well, but would you have guessed they spend much time on some of the following hobbies?

Justin Bieber is a Rubik’s cube pro

The hit maker is a veritable wizard when it comes to Rubik’s cube. While a lot of his fans would rack their brains with no avail, Bieber can do it under three minutes.

Conan O’Brien can tap dance

The famous television host often plays the second fiddle to his illustrious guests, but we mustn’t take it as if he were devoid of his own credits. As CinemaBlend informs, the late-nighter is a tap dancer of some repute, and he displayed his talents when at a pre-Oscar tribute. Maybe he will again!

Jennifer Garner plays saxophone

The Peppermint star considers herself to be in with the hillbilly crowd and up to “anything that a hillbilly can do,” meaning we can depend on her for a fiery folk dance or, onstage, playing the saxophone for dancers.

Pierce Brosnan can spit fire

The actor has played the agent in four James Bond movies, and the scriptwriters could have thought of utilizing his special gifts in a plot. It would have been spectacular.

Bruce Willis plays harmonica

Willis is a multi-talented individual, playing music almost professionally and even assisting such a fabulous act as The Allman Brothers with his harmonica on a big stage… Who knows but he could have made an iconic bluesman in another life.

Snoop Dogg is a trainer

While we hear that the rapper hardly ever misses a party or a chance to raise cain at one, he also finds time for getting serious over sport. He is known to his sons‘ pals as a coach who is trying to make good footballers out of them!

Margot Robbie is a tattoo artist

The high-paid actress looked in Suicide Squad a perfect Harley Quinn complete with tattoos, and the fact is, she wields a pretty mean tattoo gun when she wants it. As Robbie says, about a hundred people are wearing her tattoos, Cara Delevingne among them.

Mike Tyson races pigeons

You know Mike Tyson as an incomparable boxer, but long before he became that, during his childhood in Brooklyn, he was a very professional (for his age) pigeon racer (as Newsday reports). It remains one of the primary loves of his life, so much that there is an Animal Planet show based on Tyson and his skill with pigeons.

Geena Davis is a pro archer

Virginia Davis has got a Golden Globe Award, an Academy Award, and, unfortunately, nothing from the Olympic Games – she didn’t quite make it to the team for the finals; still, she is an archer like no-one else in Hollywood!

Christina Hendricks is a musician

Hendricks makes an appearance with the accordion in “My Old Kentucky Home,” an episode from Mad Men, and gave a creditable rendering of “C’est Magnifique.” If you watched it, know that it was her own doing from beginning to end, for Hendricks can play like hell!

Demi Lovato is very flexible

Lovato is double-jointed, which enables her to bend her arms any way she wants to (and maybe looking very weird in the process, if you dare to challenge her!).

Christopher Walken tames lions

You wouldn’t think that a Hollywood Shakespeare actor does willingly tame lions, but that’s exactly what Christopher Walken does. His first feat in this field dates back to his teen years, and, as he opened up to IndieWire, he believes there’s a great similarity between lions and dogs.

Neil Patrick Harris is a magician

What the comedian showed as Barney Stinson in “How I Met Your Mother” was his real prowess – he goes in for magic heavily, as he confessed to ABC, and even won a magic award in 2006.

Kaley Cuoco is an equestrian

All Kaley Cuoco’s Instagram followers are only too well aware of the Big Bang Theory’s actress’ engrossment in all things horses. But it’s not only keen interest: Cuoco keeps several beasts and participates in jumping contests. According to her, riding horses is the best workout, as exciting as it is easy. Maybe it would be so for you as well?

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