Tricks Marketologists Use to Make You Buy Another Fragrance

What tricks do marketers use to get you out of the store with a new bottle of perfume, even if you go there for something else or “to just have a look”?

An unusual bottle

When an unusual and bright bottle falls into your hands, you no longer want to put it back on the shelf. Even if the fragrance itself did not make a great impression, we can buy an incredible design bottle so that it delights the heart, soul and eyes. So that you can post a photo with it on Instagram, teasing others. There is nothing wrong with the invention and the designers’ effort but think twice if you need to pay more for the packaging or you can save money.

Limited edition

The magic words “limited edition” is one of the most powerful purchase triggers. Put shampoo, shower gel, or soap on the shopwindow, write that it is the latest and unique product – and the hunt for it will begin immediately. The mechanism is identical to perfume. Besides, the price can be raised as well – this is a one-of-a-kind copy.

What you have on your mind is “If not now, then maybe never again.” The instinct of a modern man immediately awakens in us – FOMO (fear of missing out). For collectors, the limited edition is a subject of special pride and adoration, but do you need a limited edition too, especially if its composition does not differ from the original scent?


Discounts provoke a lot of unplanned purchases, including perfumery. When the discount is valid for only one day, the good old “buy just to have it”, “someday it will definitely come in handy” or “it can be a gift to someone” comes into play.

The long wait for new items

When they keep telling us for a long time that a scent will appear soon, when they temptingly describe how good it will be, we finally have a desire to poke our nose into this scent and get to know it better. Buying perfumes online is often more profitable.

Paired scents

The division into masculine and feminine scents in perfumery is rather arbitrary, especially in the niche fragrances. However, when a fragrance appears in male and female versions, men buy the male version and women buy the female version. And if a couple comes to the store, the very process of sampling fragrances becomes a kind of romantic evening for the two.

Advertising with beautiful faces

Beautiful faces of models in perfume advertising are a kind of promise to transform the buyer’s appearance. As if a puff of magic scent could turn any woman into Katy Perry or Rihanna, remove a couple of centimeters from the waist and lengthen her legs. By the way, not all stars (despite the assurances of perfume manufacturers) smell great.

Sexy weapon

The theme of seduction with scent is the most common in advertising and the most effective. There’s nothing to be done: sex and food are the main engines of growth in trade. We know that pheromones do not exist in perfumery, but we are still led by bright pictures.

The ability to create your own scent

Some brands suggest mixing several fragrances with each other to create your own perfect perfume. This is a very exciting process, so instead of the planned bottle, we buy at least two or three so that we can repeat the experiment on our own at home.

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