Fashion Trend: Sweatshirt & Hoodie

It seems that hoodie can be called the main item of autumn and definitely not the last trend of the coming winter. We will tell you how and what to wear with a hoodie for almost any reason.

By the way, a couple of years ago, many people were sure that a hoodie was a thing only for teenagers. Fortunately, this belief has now become a myth. Read what to combine it with.

With jeans

What could be easier? But wearing your favorite jeans and hoodies is not enough to make the look not boring. Choose cropped hoodies that reveal a little belly, or tuck the hem into jeans to accentuate the waist. Interestingness can be added by wearing jeans in color.

Boldly wear anti-trend skinny with oversized long hoodies.

With jersey pants and wide jeans

This winter, the widest possible bottom is trendy. Fashionistas choose jeans with wide legs or comfortable knitted trousers, where you can fit in just one leg.

Because of the volume, the image can be called “dangerous”: there is a risk that it will ruin the figure. It is important to play with the proportions and choose the right length of the hoodie and the width of the trousers – focus only on your figure.

With a leather jacket

Following Kendall Jenner, we wear a hoodie with a leather jacket. The model of the jacket and the length of the hoodie are important here. Choose the latest elongated oversized leather jackets. It is important to make the hoodie shorter in order not to disturb the proportions.

With a jacket

We agree: the combination is not the most obvious and even a little controversial. But fashion is guided by the principle of mix & match, which means that a classic jacket and a sports hoodie may well get along in one look.

Choose any bottom, but as for the top, remember the size: in order for the hoodie to look harmonious in the image, the jacket should not press it down. Oversize is the best helper here.

With a midi skirt

Yes, such a combination is quite possible. A harmonious look will turn out in a sport-chic style. It is important to choose the right skirt – a loose pencil skirt – and complement it with sneakers (although ankle boots with a small block heel will also be in line). Choose relaxed accessories to avoid dissonance.

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