How to Dye Your Hair at Home Like a Pro?

The last untouchable thing that most women will never stop spending money on is their own appearance, even though they are ready for any other sacrifice to save the family budget. They can even dye their hair at home! The advantages are obvious: it’s cheaper, you do not need to arrange a visit to the salon and, if anything goes wrong, you do not regret the money wasted. For you not to pay the double price because of your stinginess, remember these simple rules of ideal hair dyeing at home.

Have you decided to radically change the hair color at home or to just dye the growing roots? Perfect. Be sure to prepare everything you need in advance. Do not forget about these simple tricks: they will help you get salon results without leaving your home.

Trick # 1: always buy two packages

Even if the contents of one package/tube of hair dye is usually enough to dye the hair roots, this is just the case when it’s better to be on the safe side rather than to walk with a strand of hair of a different color right on the top of the head. Do not forget that the speed of hair growth can vary due to many factors. So you may need a little more dye for more extensive hair coloring next time.

Trick # 2: always test it on a separate strand

Do you want to change the color and try some new dye? Perfect. But first, test it on a separate strand because the result on your hair will differ from the photo on the package in 99% of cases. It is better to know in advance how great the difference will be.

Trick # 3: protect the skin

Dyes, especially those of dark shades, are characterized not only by staining the hair, but also the skin around it. So grease the perimeter of the hair growth line (including the forehead and the neck from behind) with a fatty cream before dyeing. Do not forget about the ears! This will protect the skin from stains, streaks, blots, and other unpleasant surprises. Could this trick possibly be effective in protecting furniture as well?

Trick # 4: additional tools

You may always have a spare pair of gloves, a pack of wet wipes (in case the dye gets on the face or any other skin area) and a shower cap. The latter can only be used if the instructions on the hair dye package allow this. A polyethylene cap will help shorten the time necessary for the dye to work, but at the same time, it will protect furniture from accidental contact with the chemical substance.

Trick # 5: as if you were a colorist

Never apply the dye directly from the tube – the result may turn out to be unpredictable. Always use a non-metallic container for the hair dye and a good brush of suitable width. Another “professional” and useful trick is to divide the hair into 4-6 sections and fix each of them with clasps: this will help to evenly work out each zone and distribute the dye correctly.

Trick # 6: two mirrors

If you practice being “your own hairdresser”, be sure to get a second mirror. After all, not everyone can dye their own hair evenly on the back of the head. Using two mirrors opposite one another will help control the process even from the back.

Trick # 7: fix the color

When the time comes to wash off the dye and evaluate the result, do not forget to use a shampoo and a mask for colored hair – this will help to fix the color and potentially prolong its life from the first minutes.

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