Why Hiding Gray Hair? Silver Hair Balayage Is the Hottest Trend

Gray hair with undyed roots has come into fashion. The fashionable trend is called “balayage with gray hair”.

Balayage is a coloring that suggests color contrasts between dark and light shades. Unlike the ombre, popular a few years ago, it assumes that the transitions between the roots and the rest of the hair will not be sharp, but as blurry as possible. Earlier, highlighted strands, as though faded in the sun, used to be fashionable. Now, the imitation of gray hair is trendy. Some people think that in combination with the “silvered” tips, darkening looks like undyed roots that the master should have seen a long time ago.

The first stage of coloring is to lighten the strands. The strands are usually staggered to make the pattern look beautiful and stand out. Creativity and the master’s experience come into action here, as well as the clients’ wishes: you can lightly touch the tips, or you can lighten a fairly large part of the hair, getting closer to the roots.

The second stage is toning the bleached hair. It is at this stage that the balayage becomes “gray”.

The technique of gray balayage is quite in demand because lightening is enough for 3-6 months, the hair grows smoothly, and you can maintain the color at home. For example, use a toning shampoo or conditioner.

Sometimes colors are added to such a balayage, making the hair pink-ash, purple-ash, pearl-ash, blue-ash, or gray-ash. When choosing a shade, masters usually focus on the degree of lightening and on the color of the client’s skin, which must be in harmony with each other.

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