Premature Hair Graying

Gray hair can be acquired nowadays even before people come of age, and it is not the new fashion trend in hair dying. What are the causes of early gray hair?


The causes of early graying

Hair stylists say that gray hair is getting younger. More and more often, they are visited by the clients, who have 50% of gray hair at the age of 18-20 years.

As a matter of fact, why are we surprised? The accelerated pace of life with endless time pressure, which literally determines the lifestyle of the city inhabitants, has a negative effect on the state of our body. Against this background, we can get either a few gray hairs or the 50 shades of gray hair for a variety of reasons:


The body of each person is endowed with a kind of “biological clock”, which is actuated at certain moments and starts to change the body. This “clock” is often inherited from our parents. So, if your mom turned gray at 15, do not be surprised to find locks of silver in adolescence.

The color of our hair is determined by the melanin pigment, which is produced by the cells called melanocytes. At some point, they cease to produce it, locks of hair are filled with air bubbles, and they acquire a silvery white hue. This process does not depend on the age or dying experiments.


If your job involves stress, you can expect gray hairs since the age of 20 years. Graying is caused by the fact that the cortisol hormone, which is produced during the strong emotional tension, reduces the number of melanocytes cells, responsible for the production of melanin.

The thyroid disease and hormonal changes

Thyroid dysfunction and serious hormonal changes lead to premature termination of the melanocytes function.

Lack of vitamins and minerals

Lack of groups A, B, C vitamins, iron, zinc, and copper triggers hair loss, violates its structure and hinders the function of melanocytes.


Premature graying can occur in the girls, who are fond of protein-free diets. Very often it happens to young women, aged 17-25. Protein is the basic building material for the hair, and it contains tyrosine, which promotes the production of melanin. Lack of protein reduces the activity of melanocytes and leads to the appearance of gray hair.

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