Trendiest Hair Colors 2020

Fashion is changing, so the fashion for hair colors does not stand still as well. What will be the most fashionable colors of 2020?


Every year, the stylists inevitably vote for one of the fiery shades. In 2020, mahogany is going to become a fashionable color that implies scarlet in combination with brown. Good news: dyeing combines both warm and cold tones, which means it suits everyone.

Mushroom blonde

This is yet another variation of “gray” dyeing, which has been popular over the past couple of years. This trendy 2020 color implies a mixture of gray and brown shades with a slight addition of purple. The fans of this trend believe that their hair resembles the “harvest” collected in a forest or at least mushroom soup.

Root Balayage

Of course, the very idea of dark roots and lighter ends is not new. In this case, the appearance plays its role: stylists suggest making the roots darker by tinting them, whereas highlighting should be performed unevenly rather than at a certain distance from the roots. Bleaching spreads as close as possible to the natural version of “sunburned” hair.

Deep dye

This technique from the noughties experiences a rebirth (at least on the locks of stars and bloggers). It is suitable for those who want something colorful and bright, but are not ready to sacrifice their entire hair. After all, if the experiment goes wrong, the hair ends can be cut off (in extreme cases). The palette of shades is limited only by your imagination.


Do not say that you were not offered natural coloring for brunettes! Chocolate brown is one of the trendy colors of 2020. If you want, you can add several light strokes to the standard canvas.

Golden blonde

Modern dyes and techniques make it possible to achieve a middle variant between the red and the blonde. The golden hue is suitable for all skin types and eyes, visually making the curls more shiny.

Ice blonde

No colored strands and no cocktail of many shades! All you need is just a uniform color, resembling the “Frozen” cartoon.

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