How to Look Luxurious in Mass Market Clothes?

There is a common misconception: to look good, you need to regularly spend a significant part of the family budget on clothes. In fact, to look a million dollars does not take a million from your pocket! You can even find real masterpieces in mass-market stores if you know what exactly to pay attention to when buying clothes and how to properly “prepare” new things later.

Our life hacks on how to save money and look chic will help with this.

We analyze fabrics

The quality of the materials which the thing is made from largely determines the impression that it creates and its service life. Among the great variety, it is better to try and give preference to products made from natural textures – wool, cotton, linen, silk and so on, they are found in a variety of price segments. A blouse made of polyester will not survive even a couple of washes and will instantly lose its original appearance, while a shirt made of thick cotton will provide many worthy appearances.

Avoid excessive decor

Richly decorated things always look cheaper on their own, and if their initial cost is low, it is not difficult to guess what the decor will be. Surely, everyone has repeatedly come across a situation when the embroidery on the top is damaged long before the item leaves the store shelves; rivets fall off after the very first wear, and the paint comes off the beads. The solution is to avoid such fancy products or to get rid of the decor immediately after purchase.

Prefer complex colors

Shades with a significant admixture of monochromes — white, gray, or black — are called “complex” in style. They are distinguished by stable associations with elegance, status, and nobility. Relying on pastel, muted or deep precious shades, we automatically project these characteristics on the item in general – it seems more interesting and looks more expensive.

We come to the studio

One of the surest ways to reduce the cost of production is to save on patterns. Therefore, sometimes you have to take the situation into your own hands and correct the inaccuracies made in the production. To add a couple of tucks in the studio or to remove a few centimeters at the waist will cost a penny, and the thing will suit you in a completely different way – exactly as it should.

Adjust the length

In the mass market segment, all products are sewn to average growth by default. In practice, however, few people fit these parameters. But this is no reason to have short sleeves of jackets or narrowed trousers, which will negatively affect the appearance of an individual item and your look in general. For miniature girls, it is better to immediately prepare for the fact that trousers and jeans of excess length will have to be removed, and the sleeves of shoulder products should be shortened. Taller people will appreciate extra fabric that manufacturers leave when processing the edge. This will help them gain the missing centimeters.

We change garment elements

As in the case with decor, elements of garment shamelessly give out every cent spent (or saved!) on them. But here you can cheat: after buying the thing you like, you just look at the sewing store, select a concise and high-quality alternative, and replace factory accessories with it. It would cost a trifle, but it is amazing how much the appearance of things will change.

Add more accessories

If there is a possibility of a more substantial investment in your wardrobe, let it be an investment in accessories. These are quality and actual details that can refresh any image, harmonize it, add completeness and chic. Then you can save on clothes safely!

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