How to Pick a Perfect Coat?

If your basic wardrobe still does not include your favorite coat, November is the best time to purchase it. Not a single modern wardrobe is complete without an autumn coat. In this article, we will tell you how to choose it correctly and save for a long time.

The time for vacations and holidays is finally replaced with routine chores, and it is getting darker and colder outside with every day that passes. The basic wardrobe that you have selected correctly will help to save energy and restore the balance between work and rest, which will give a feeling of soft warmth, care and confidence in every day.

How to choose the coat you need

It’s worth starting with the materials. Pay attention to the composition – the more natural it is, the more comfortable and warmer the coat will be. We recommend mixed compositions, such as sheep wool with camel, cashmere or silk. Each of the options has its own advantages.

The chosen color should be combined with the rest of the wardrobe because you are unlikely to buy several coats for the season at once. These can be light shades: beige, gray, coffee, or saturated: camel, chocolate, dark blue.

Pay attention to how your coat is sewn, if there are pockets and a belt, whether it will protect from the wind, if there are reliable garment elements. If you like to carry keys and a phone in your pockets, choose deep pockets, and if you like looks with an open coat, try a two-layer coat without a lining.

For the new coat not to be left in the closet forever, it must be comfortable to stick to your familiar lifestyle in it. If you usually wear voluminous sweaters or jackets, be sure to wear them while trying on the coat.

How to take care of and store it

First of all, study the inner label. There are coats that can be washed in cool water, and there are those recommended only for dry cleaning. If you ignore the information from the manufacturers, the item can be ruined.

Before you remove the coat for the summer or, occasionally, during the season, clean it from dust with a soft cloth brush. You can try to remove simple spots yourself, but when there is concern, it is better to take the item to dry cleaning.

If the material is soaked thoroughly, the coat may lose its appearance and get deformed. To avoid this, dry the coat thoroughly after a walk during the snowfall or rain. To do this, hang it on wide shoulders away from the battery and direct sunlight.

It is better to keep the coat on the shoulder hanger, which will match its size, and in the closet, which is not packed with other clothes. For summer, a special cover should be used, where you can put sachets with lavender to protect the coat from moisture and moths.

What to wear this fall

Versatility is one of the main features of the basic wardrobe and our main criterion when choosing clothes. No matter what your type of figure, height or age are, what you prefer to wear and what lifestyle you have, a classic coat can be an ideal companion for the entire cold season.

Light quilted coats that harmoniously complement the look in any style from business to sport chic are a bright trend of this fall: midi-length and a straight fit allow you to combine them with pencil skirts and high boots or with knitted trousers and boots with fur.

Voluminous oversize does not give up its position: you can wrap yourself in such coats like in soft blankets. The additional volume will not only keep warm longer, but will also visually make the silhouette more elegant.

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